On Monday, March 1st, a few students from class 2F ( group 2) presented an exceptional project on an English lesson which was actually a Zoom meeting organised by na English teacher. The lesson was based on Candy Chang’s project called “I Wish This Was” – an interactive public art project that invites residents to voice their ideas about improving the neighborhood by using fill-in-the-blank stickers to let people provide input.

You can read and watch more about this idea here:

I Wish This Was

We, however, decided to change/improve something different….. Students were asked to talk about how they would change our school, what major differences they would impose, assuming that we donot have to worry about money any more. Because of time of the pandemic we imagined that such stickers could be found in many different places in our school. Fill-in-the-blank stickers “gave” us an easy tool to voice what we want and where we want it (eg. stickers pasted on doors, walls or utility rooms – “I wish this was a renovated and well-equiped science lab”, “I wish this was a school with air-conditioning” or “I wish this was a school canteen” )

So this is what the students from class 2f prepared…

Every group prepared something very special. Let’s see it!

THE FIRST GROUP: Ewa Tkaczyńska, Roksana Ręczmin, Małgorzata Maroszek and Natalia Ślusarczyk. The girls prepared a really colourful and aesthetic presentation. They did a great job! They proposed truly practical changes:

1. Interactive boards and tablets.

2. Better equipment for bio-chem classes.

3. Expansion of the library.

4. Helpful sanitary products in the bathrooms.

5. Air conditioners.

6. An indoor swimming pool.

7. Some changes in the locker room.

8. Spread the ART!

9. More parking lot space.

10. Coffee machines.

11. Renovation of some classrooms.

12. More seating areas in the corridors.

13. A canteen.

14. A fancy patio.

15. More music.

Here you can find more details: https://view.genial.ly/603c017ed0bbb40d2ce07a0e/video-presentation-copernicus-news https://view.genial.ly/603ccd3fdbdb4b0d1445280c/interactive-content-ideas

THE SECOND GROUP: Julia Kozłowska, Klaudia Soboniak and Jarosław Nowakowski. This team also presented some interesting ideas. They’re absolutely creative and impressive. Here are their concepts:

1. Renovation of old destroyed classes.

2. Better students lockers.

3. Social area for students.

4. Eating place in school.

5. Chemical substances.

6. Motivational board.

7. Bigger and more equipped library.

8. Swimming pool or bowling alley.

9. Bike racks near the school.

There you can see their presentation:

9. Bike racks near the school.

There you can see their presentation: Zachęcamy do sprawdzenia wszystkich pomysłów w  ich prezentacji

THE THIRD GROUP: Zuzanna Tatarczyk, Wiktoria Rumik, Nicolas Rebane and Ewa Ziętek. This group appointed quaint brainchild too. They focused on making learning more comfortable and pleasurable. These are their proposals :

1. Renovation of the biological classroom.

2. Renovation of the chemical and physical classroom.

3. Renovation of the fireplace room.

4. Create a board for photos of photography group.

 5. Integration events for school community.

You can check presentation for more information: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1CQ_-wP15umLitTaneDktQCxQPPbcmdeRsP7VN3pE7OM/edit?usp=sharing

THE FOURTH GROUP: Julia Radek, Natalia Skuza and Maria Patyk. The girls likewise made great presentation about it. This team also picked some fantastic designs. Let’s check them!

1. Music room.

2. Biological equipment.

3. Accessories for theater activities.

4. Swimming pool.

 5. Game room.

6. Interactive whiteboard.

7. Library.

8. Better school lockers.

9. Radio station.

Here is their presentation: Link do prezentacji dziewczyn

These are some photos from the Zoom Meeting:

Today’s meeting was a great inspiration for all of us. Let’s call it – “A LESSON WITH A DIFFERENCE”. We are now convinced that this project is fun, low-barrier tool for everyone and the responses reflect the hopes, dreams and colorful imaginations of people. As you can see our students have heads full of great ideas! Some of them repeat themselves, so why don’t make it real? We believe that our concepts will be helpful to change something in the future. And what do you think? How would you finish the sentence :


And remember – together we can do anything we want! 🙂

Written by Ewa Ziętek from 2f and Ms Marzena Kossak-Wąchała