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Monthly Archives: April 2016

The 7 th of April was a very special day for our school because we had an open day. We wanted to show the best side of our school and be remembered by middle school students. A lot of people tried their best to make it a perfect day. Both the oldest and the youngest students were involved and helped with preparations. Every class made a stand where they presented profile of their class to show the students from other schools how interesting studying here can be. Middle school students could come to the stands any time and ask anything they wanted to know about  our school, teachers or subjects. Our school band was playing in the corridor in front of the gym. It made a nice atmosphere in the whole school. Our students showed every place in our school to the visitors. The last place on the visitors’ list was our gym which was the centre of open day. Our students showed their talents which included dancing, drama, cheerleaders. Probably the best attraction of the whole open day was the  performance of Polish champion of yoyo Julek Rosa. It was such an amazing show and everyone will remember this for a long time. It was a busy day but everything went perfect! We didn’t even expect that so many students would come to see our school! So we hope that they will choose Kopernik and join us next year!

written by Martyna Sławińska, Natalia Mróz from I b ; edited by Ms Joanna Wołkowicka