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Monthly Archives: October 2015

On 31st October we’re going to celebrate Halloween. Halloween is a holiday of ghosts, monsters,  and other things what we’re scared of. The name of this feast is a shortening of “All Hallows’ Evening”. It’s originated as a pagan festival in parts of Northern Europe. They believed that in Halloween spirits can make contact with the physical world. The symbols of Halloween are: witches, black cats, spiders, pumpkins, vampires, ghosts, cauldrons and other things similar to that.

(źr. http://www.kbic.com/blog/construction-recruiter/blog/happy-halloween-from-kbiconstruction/)

How is Halloween celebrated in the UK and the USA? The most popular celebration is trick-or-treating. Children dress up in costumes and go to other houses in the neighbourhood. They want something sweet, a snack or a small gift. If a neighbour doesn’t give them something, children will play a prank on her or him.


Other popular celebrations are costume parties. People dress up as scary characters, make dishes that look disgusting, carve lanterns out of pumpkins and spend almost hole night together talking about things that frightened them. There are also many funny games which they play only on Halloween. The most popular is apple-bobbing. We should float some apples in a bowl full of water and try to catch them only with our teeth.

(źr. http://handmadehappyhour.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/apple-bobbing-game.jpg)

How do we spend Halloween in Poland? Halloween isn’t a holiday in our country but Polish people increasingly celebrate Halloween. Some people think that it isn’t good idea because we celebrate All Saints’ Day. It’s a feast on 1st November when we go to cemeteries, light candles, decorate the graves with flowers and pray for the dead. It’s a really melancholic feast unlike Halloween so that’s why some people just don’t want to celebrate Halloween in Poland. Maybe in a few years it will be different …

News prepared by Julia Katarzyna Pala from 1 b .


On  October 15th we had a pleasure to take part in Pope’s Day that was organised in our school. This is a very important day for us –  Polish people. That’s a memorable time in which we commemorate the Saint John Paul II. Students of our school prepared a wonderful show about his youth, when he became a priest and finally the Pope. During the show we could listen to touching songs connected with John Paul II’s life. All of them were sung by our school choir. However, the show ended really fast – too fast for students. All of them liked it so much that no one was happy  that it was the end. But instead of that everyone wanted to have more beautiful moments as  during the show.

The ceremony was prepared by students of our school and our Priest Przemysław Wesołowski.

news prepared by Konrad Strach from 1 b, edited by Mrs Joanna Wołkowicka

On 14th October 2015 there was Teachers’ Day at our school. Some students prepared a performance which was like a contest between “teachers” and “students”. They had to do a few tasks and they were assessed by the jury. Unfortunately, for the “students” of course, the “teachers” won by one point. After that our teaching staff was given roses. Then there were meetings in classrooms with our form teachers.

Let’s learn some facts about Teachers’ Day in Poland. This celebration commemorates inception of the Commission of National Education in 1972. There has also been World Teacher’s Day on October 5 observed all over the world  since 1994. It commemorates teachers’ organizations worldwide.

Each country has its own date of Teachers’ Day. For example, in the USA it is a bit different. National Teacher’s Day is on Thursday during Teacher Appreciation Week which takes place in the first full week of May. In Australia it is on the last Friday in October, in Jamaica on May 6 and in Spain on January 29.

written by Sebastian Bożek from 1 b