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“MEET AMERICA” Project at Kopernik High School

On 15th November, the students of class 3a group 1, some representatives from 4k as well
as 4b participated in the meeting with Miss Oksana Jensen as a part of the project “Meet
. It allows adolescents to interact with an American diplomat from American Embassy or Consulate.
The event took place on Zoom as usual, so we were prepared and without any reversals
could join the class from our devices.

Oksana Jensen – The Consul of the US State Department introduced us, by presentation, to
some facts about her and her life in the USA. Due to the fact that she wasn’t a native
American, we could see the perspective of someone who was born in a different culture. She
raised an issue of the differences between foregin and civil service as well as making a living
out of being a diplomat. Discussing the last topic she also included personal qualities that
determine a competent consul. Despite a near deadline she managed to answer as many of
our questions as possible. Not only did the questions touch the profession itself but also
personal experiences connected with the land of opportunities.

From our list she chose the following questions:
● What was the biggest cultural shock when you came to America?- Kasia Gawron 3a
● Do you enjoy any typical American sport? – Kamil Będkowski 3a
● Where do Americans go on vacation most often? – Olga Dyner 3a
● What is it like going to high school in America (Is it like in the movies? Is it hard to
“survive”?) – Maja Bolesławska 3a
● If you had the chance to change one thing in the United States to make citizens’ lives
easier, what would that be? – Hela Kołaczyk 3a
● Do you think that international students find it hard to adapt in US universities? Is
teachers’ approach different towards them? – Julia Toborek 4b
● Do you feel like America is a diverse country? – Hania Fijałkowska 4k

After the meeting we welcomed the next guest which was Ms Janina Galas – the
representative of the consulate. She expanded the topic of her engaging post then featured
a few noteworthy projects that enable students to fulfill their dreams, see the true America
with their own eyes and overcome communication difficulties. These programs are: Flex,
Camp America and Summer Work Travel,
We’re all grateful to our teacher – Professor Marzena Kossak-Wąchała who intended the
whole meeting and gave us a chance to “Meet America” from the inside. We’re looking
forward to such amazing opportunities to expand our cultural knowledge and break
the language barrier.

Source: https://pl.usembassy.gov

Written by Katarzyna Gawron and Ola Janus from class 3a. Edited by Ms Marzena Kossak.

Why is the Qatar World Cup so controversial?

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is underway, and some of the best footballers on the planet spend four weeks competing for soccer’s ultimate prize.

However, this World Cup is ripe with controversy, largely due to its host country, Qatar, a Persian Gulf nation roughly 15 times smaller than Cżęstochowa that is holding the once-every-four-years soccer tournament for the first time. And the concerns over human-rights abuses in Qatar — such as allegations the country has exploited migrant workers — as well as the environmental impact of the tournament and the last-minute ban on alcohol, have all been overshadowing the event.

The bid

Qatar had no prior history in the World Cup prior to winning the bid in 2010. Its hot desert climate and brutal summers have never made it an ideal destination for such a grand event. Further, many soccer fans questioned how the small Middle-Eastern country won the bid during former FIFA president Sepp Blatter’s reign.There were allegations of corruption, vote-swapping, and links to trade deals at the highest levels of government. Qatar was cleared of corruption by FIFA, but as recently as 2020, US prosecutors accused three former senior FIFA officials of receiving bribes for voting in favor of Qatar.

The treatment of workers

85% of Qatar’s population of 3 million are foreign workers, and rights groups have been documenting abuses and harsh conditions.Roughly30000 people from countries such as India, Bangladesh, Nepal and the Philippines have been building seven new stadiums from scratch, as well as 100 new hotels and roads in the country.Qatar’s labour laws known as the ‘kafala system’ allow businesses or business owners in Qatar to take workers’ passports and stop them leaving the country.Human Rights organizations such as Amnesty International say that as a result, since 2010, hundreds of thousands of these workers have faced human rights abuses and exploitation in difficult working conditions with little pay. the Guardian newspaper claims that figures show more than 6,000 workers have actually died in Qatar since it won its World Cup bid 12 years ago.The Qatar government said that the total is misleading, and that between 2014 and 2020, there were 37 deaths among workers at World Cup stadium construction sites, and only three were “work-related”.

Adidas, AB InBev, Coca-Cola and McDonalds responded to the issue with statements, expressing support for migrant reforms

and compensation for workers in Qatar. However, all have remained as sponsors to the tournament

Climate concerns

Qatar and FIFA pledged that they would deliver the world’s first “fully carbon-neutral FIFA World Cup tournament”. Though the tournament is projected to emit a total of 3.6 million tons of carbon dioxide according to FIFA , they said 95% of those emissions will come from air travel, and are classified as “indirect emissions”. However, climate researchers have cast doubt on the credibility of Qatar’s claim of a “carbon-neutral” tournament, arguing that the Gulf nation has underestimated the event’s true emission output and climate impact. Critics further point out that Qatar is utilizing purchasing carbon credits, a questionable practice, in order to claim it’s meeting sustainability goals.

The cost

If you add up the total costs, taking into account not only the cost of building new stadiums and renovating existing ones, but also all the money spent on infrastructure, this year’s World Cup in Qatar is by far the most expensive of all time – Qatar is estimated to have spent as much as $220 billion in the dozen years, more than 15 times what Russia spent for the 2018 event.

Should You still watch the World Cup 2022? I gravitate not to boycott matches of your favorite athletes but to shift the conversation to the underlying issues of the World Cup in Qatar. Talk about how the international tournament is made possible by millions of exploited migrant workers and how there is the possibility of corruption involved to make the World Cup happen. Now that the tournament is held in Qatar, so many more people are aware of the situation which would make change quicker.

Article written by Patrycja Stodółkiewicz from class 3a.

Getting to know each other!

On Friday, September 15 all students from first grades went to an integartion rally to a lovely place in Kamyk. At 9 a.m. all students were already there. At first they got some free time, so they could hang around or just spend some time together and get to know each other better. After about an hour the show time started. Each class had to present themselves to the audience with a performance about their profile. Then the jury came up and picked the best one. As a reward, students from class 1G together with their form teacher could taste delicious ice cream for free! After lunch and a dessert, the DJs played music and the disco started. Despite the cold weather, students got on the dance floor and had a great time. The whole trip ended at about 1 p.m. and everyone got back to Częstochowa.

news prepared by Antonina Zdzierek from class 1 B, edited by Ms J. Wołkowicka


On Thursday, June 9th, five students from class 2A (group 1) and 4 students from class 3k (group 1) along with an English teacher, Proffesor Marzena Kossak-Wąchała, took part in a lecture entitled

„President Ronald Reagan, Prime Minister Thatcher, and Pope John Paul II”.

The lecture was given by Peter M. Robinson – an American author, research fellow, television host and former speechwriter for then-Vice President George H.W. Bush and President Ronald Reagan. He completed his studies at Oxford and after Oxford, Robinson applied for a position at the White House. He was transferred to President Reagan’s staff as a special assistant and speechwriter, where he wrote the famed 1987 “ Tear down this wall” address. The speech, delivered by Reagan at the Brandenburg Gate in West Berlin on 12 June 1987, contained a memorable sentence: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” Mr Robinson is currently the host of Uncommon Knowledge, an interview show by Stanford’s Hoover Insitution in California. He is also a research fellow at this Institution as well as a co-founder of the Ricochet website.  

The exposition was organized by The WSB University as part of the Fund for Support of Science co-financed by the Górnośląsko-Zagłebiowską Metropolia and started at 3p.m on Zoom platform.

Not only was it a great English lesson for us but also a solid dose of knowledge from history. The lecture revolved around the end of Cold War and three particular figures who played indispensable roles: Ronald Reagan, Minister Thatcher, and Pope John Paul II. We hear a great deal  from historians these days  that history is a matter of large and personal forces and individuals can only play small or insignificant roles. Peter Robinson, however, presented his view on it and talked through this one moment in history when things could not have happened as they happened and when they happened without these three remarkable individuals. The Pope helped ordinary Poles and East Europeans banish their fear of Soviet Communism, convincing them that liberation was possible. The Prime Minister  Margaret Thatcher restored her country’s failing economy by reviving the “vigorous virtues” of the British people. The American president rebuilt America’s military power, its national morale, and its pre – eminence as leader of the free world. Together they brought down an evil empire and changed the world for the better.

The lecture was fortified with some videos of discussed characters’ speeches what made the lecture even more compelling. At the end of the meeting participants had a chance to put a question to Peter Robinson, which one of our students did! We were really glad  and grateful that we could listen to  this lecture and learn a lot of interesting facts. We are looking forward to the next one….


Wikipedia, photos from WSB

Written by Patrycja Stodółkiewicz from class 2a, edited by Ms M.Kossak-Wąchała

Golden moments of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Many celebrities were seen during the Platinum Jubilee. Some of them were even taking a big part in the celebrations. An enormous number of 150 people named as national treasures were put in different decker buses and each bus was a representation of a certain decade of the last 70 years. The photo is showing Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell who were leading the 90’s bus.

During the Jubilee Pageant Queen Elizabeth II was not seen in person. However, a hologram of the Queen was put in a golden carriage. This part of the parade was accompanied by military units. While the Queen wasn’t present in the pageant, she showed up in a quick video from the palace. In the video, she was seen having tea with Paddington, a British bear famous thanks to the book and movie series with the same name. They were talking about their shared love for marmalade sandwiches.

The Queen was present at the Trooping the Colour parade but it was her grandson, the youngest child of Kate and William – Louis who stole the show. He was misbehaving, as a child on such occasions often does and there are quite a lot of photos where an audience can see him making silly faces and gestures.

James Bond also made an appearance at the Queen’s Jubilee. At the “Party at the Palace” taking place on Saturday, actor Daniel Craig was shown paying tribute to the Queen. The next day, during the Platinum Jubilee Pageant some of the cars from James Bond movies were displayed.

Member of the iconic band Queen, Brian May also had his share of Platinum Jubilee surprises. He entered the stage during the Jubilee concert with a big figure showing Queen Victoria by his side.

At the Platinum Party at the Palace spectators were surprised when 400 drones lit up the sky showing some of the things associated with Her Majesty. Some of the light work showed number 70, a cup of tea with a teakettle, and my personal favourite – a corgi.

news written by Maja Suchecka from 3B, edited by Ms J. Wołkowicka

Traditional parade, and the intriguing behavior of a young prince

On Thursday in London, the annual Trooping the Color parade was held. It was attended by 1,500 soldiers, 400 members of military orchestras, and 250 horses. The participants of the march departed from Buckingham Palace, walked through the representative avenue The Mall, and the parade square where the military inspection was held, and then returned to Buckingham Palace. Queen Elizabeth II watched the parade from the palace balcony.

The culmination of the ceremony was the flight of several dozen Royal Air Force planes and helicopters over London.  Typhoon fighter squad made “70” in the sky.  Members of the British royal family, eighteen to be exact,  watched the show from the balcony of the palace. Although the greatest enthusiasm of those gathered in front of Buckingham Palace was caused by the appearance of Elizabeth II.  four-year-old Prince Louis, the youngest son of Prince William and Princess Kate also drew a lot of attention. During the flight of the planes, the boy covered his ears with his hands several times, and look quite unpleased.

Definitely, It was Louis’ hijinx which unequivocally stole the show! He stuck his tongue out, had his hand over his mother’s mouth and it looked like she was telling him to behave. Then he yawned dramatically, looking like a tiny thunderclowd he sat on his Grandpa Charles’ lap.

All of Britain waited for the royal family to appear on the balcony. It hasn’t happened since 2019, which is why it caused great excitement from the audience. Unfortunately, Prince Harry, his wife Meghan, and the queen’s son, Prince Andrew, did not appear among the royal family. Although young couple attended the jubilee itself.

On Thursday evening in front of Buckingham Palace and 2,000 other places across the UK and its overseas territories, many light signals are planned to be lit creating a chain to symbolize unity.



Article written by Hanna Fijałkowska from class 3k, edited by Ms Kossak-Wąchała

A concert full of surprises on the third day of Queen Jubilee

On Saturday, members of the royal family appeared at the Epsom Downs racetrack, where they watched the 243rd edition of the famous Derby horse race.  Later In the evening the “Platinium Party at The Palace” took place, it was a musical moment to celebrate an extraordinary jubilee. Tens of thousands of Brits and tourists from all over the world gathered in front of Buckingham Palace.

Due to the fact that Elizabeth II was not present at the event, the full attention was focused on Prince Charles and the younger generation of royals. The event was attended by many members of the royal family, led by the heir to the throne Prince Charles and his wife Princess Camilla, as well as Prince William and Princess Kate and the children who had stolen the entire show. However, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan weren’t there. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s relationship with some members of the Royal Family remains “very, very frosty” despite snaps of them interacting with royals at the Trooping the Colour ceremony. Harry and Meghan returned to the UK for the celebrations on June 1, but as non-working royals, the couple were excluded from making a public balcony appearance with the likes of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

During the concert, Prince Charles paid tribute to the queen.  The heir to the throne addressed her from the stage with the word “mommy”. The whole speech was moving and the crowd absolutely adored it.

At the beginning of the concert, we got a dose of British humor – Elizabeth II received a cup of tea at the palace with Paddington Bear!  Soon after, Queen + Adam Lambert entered the stage and amused the audience with “We Will Rock You”. They were accompanied by drummers from the Royal Marines with snare drums.

Alicia Keys astonished the audience after she sang “Empire State of Mind”, which tells about New York. Before the song, however, she mentioned that the British capital always reminds her of New York.  Later, she likely noticed the audience’s confusion and changed New York to London in the text.

Next, the taped performance of “Your Song” played by Elton John in one of the rooms of Windsor Castle was broadcast, and at the end of the song, a huge corgi dog made by floating drones appeared above the palace!


BBC’s Platinum Party at the Palace – The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022


Article written by Hanna Fijałkowska from class 3k, edited by Ms Kossak-Wąchała.


Everybody who would like to improve English has many options to choose from. Always remember that you can learn English in many different circumstances, using different sources, surprisingly…even the court trial…

After 6 years of fighting for the truth Johnny Depp has won his defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard. The trail took place in Virginia, United States of America in Fairfax County Courthouse.

For the last couple weeks we were able to watch live what was happening in the courtroom. We saw the evidence that each team presented to the jury. We heard testimonies from witnesses from both sides. The verdict was announced on Wednesday 1st June 2022. It came five days after the closing arguments.

While listening to the lawyers we could hear many words connected with law. We would like to present you some of them and tell you what they actually mean. We will start with some generl ones:

“LAWSUIT” – a legal dispute that’s decided in a courtroom; also called a “TRIAL”

“COURTROOM” – the place with the judge, lawers, etc;

“PLAINTIFF” – the one making the complaint (J.Depp);

“DEFENDANT” – the one trying to prove she’s not responsible for doing the things that he’s accusing her of doing (A.Heard)

“TESTIMONY” – a formal statement that is made about what people saw, heard etc, after having promised to tell the truth

It goes without saying that there were a lot of “OBJECTIONS”. This is the way of informing the judge that the other person’s evidence or testimony shouldn’t be allowed. Then lawyers have to say why they object and give a good reason. Let’s study some of them below:

“OBJECTION HEARSAY” means that a person testified as to what they know to be true.

“OBJECTION, NO FOUNDATION” means that a person failed to explain the background circumstances of how they know the information that they are testifying about.

“OBJECTION, LEADING” means that the other side asks the question which leads the witness to a certain answer.

“OBJECTION, NON-RESPONSIVE” means that a person starts responding to a question with information that is completely unrelated to the question.

“OBJECTION, CALL FOR SPECULATION” means that a person doesn’t know if the statement was true or not but testifies about it or a question that is posed can only be answered by using speculation.

Every time when the judge agreed that the objection was right, she said “I SUSTAIN THE OBJECTION”. But when she didnot she said “OVERRULED” or “I ALLOW IT”.

Some other words used in the courtroom and their definitions:

“OATH” is a promise to tell the truth;

“JUROR” is a person who is on the jury;

“CROSS EXAMINATION” is questioning of a witness by the attorney for the other side;

“ALLEGATION” is a claim ar assertion that someone hasa done something illegal or wrong, typically one made without proof;

“EVIDENCE” is an information presented in testimony or in documents that is used to persuade the fact finder (judge or jury) to decide the case for one side or the other;

“EXHIBIT” is a document or material object produced and identified in court or before an examiner for use as evidence;

“VERDICT” is the decision of a petit jury or a judge.

“WITNESS” is a person called upon by either side in a lawsuit to give testimony before the court or jury.

You can watch some useful film on youtube to learn more:







Article written by Klaudia Wosik, Maja Olszewska and Maja Podsiadło from class 1f, edited by Ms M.Kossak

Queen Elizabeth’s suprise visit at the opening of a new trail line – THE ELIZABETH LINE

Crossrail, or the Elizabeth line as it is now known, is a 118 kilometers long railway line in south-east England. It runs from Essex in the east to Berkshire in the west, cutting underground through central London.

On May 17, Queen Elizabeth II officially opened the new Elizabeth line, at Paddington Station in London. It was so unexpected for many, especially because the Queen was missing a part of events due her health problems.

For the oficial visit, she was joined by her youngest son, Prince Edward, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson. “We’re all incredibly touched and moved and grateful to her Majesty for coming to open the Elizabeth Line today,” Johnson said. “It was fantastic to see her.”

 The Queen was very all smiles when she met with the train workers. She was also given an Oyster card and shown how to use it on a ticket machine.

Buckingham Palace called that “a happy development”, revealing “the organisers were informed of the possibility she may attend.”

The Crossrail project had cost 18,8 billion pounds to put together and after a number of setbacks it is finally open after 4 years of delay! Mayor of London Sadig Khan said the line would deliver a £42 billion boost to the whole UK economy and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs. Many travel-weary commuters from the suburbs will find their journey times being slashed significantly as a result of the project.

Let’s watch a short but interesting film about it:



Photos: apnews.com, https://obserwatorlogistyczny.pl/2022/05/05/londyn-podano-date-otwarcia-linii-elizabeth-kosztowala-19-mld-funtow/

Written by Radek Musiał from class 1f, edited by M.Kossak

A lesson with a difference… ( International Project – BBC Big Live Lesson with class 1f)

I’m so pleased to say that our class- 1f (group 2) had a second chance to attend the BBC Live Lesson. That one conducted by English, native speaker- Dan Shepherd was entitled: ,,A high cost of a University education’’.  There were also Belgians, Serbs, Peruvians and Russians. It was pretty noteworthy to read how university life looks different in some countries around the world. I have to mention that it was thought-provoking  to confront with other person opinion about students’ life. We were also able to take a vote in the short survey using Menti.com. A big number of us agreed that students have to go through very tough time during university. The most terrific part was talking with the man live! A lot of people in our group have found the courage to say something and test themselves in having a short conversation with a native speaker. It was a very practical experience for the future. I’m sure we have expanded vocabulary, understanding  the language, but the main thing, speaking English on a high level. the There’s no denying that it was remarkable, educational and unforgettable meeting. We look forward to the next lessons!

Written by Karolina Stemplewska from class 1f, edited by Ms.M.Kossak