“Days after Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle performed their last duty as senior royals, a US report outrageously claims the Queen ‘begged’ her grandson to divorce Meghan and ‘save the royals’…”

It is just the fragment of an article which contributed to many comments around the world. You can read full text at https://www.newidea.com.au/queen-begs-harry-divorce-meghan-and-save-our-family?fbclid=IwAR0dIbZatCRHLxcbtkAS8m4VIhvm1xGgoKdbAjDaTorsaoA2_T16kWuckkM

Here’s how our students feel about that:

“I think that the article  is pretty interesting. Her Royal Majesty wants Prince Harry to abandon Meghan Markle and “come back” to the royal family. From the article we can deduce that the Queen is sad and maybe angered by Harry’s decision but I think that the Prince won’t divorce his wife due to the fact that he loves her and they look happy together and after they cut ties with the Royal Family, in my opinion, they won’t have to work much because Harry was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and Markle is an actress. But what sparked the powder keg was the decision not to bring Archie to London and the Queen was really sad about it because she and her husband didn’t see their son much. It’s a really similar situation to the one that Edward VIII had, he also married an American and was forced to either divorce her or abdicate and Edward chose to abdicate.  “Megxit” is worth following especially if you live in the UK or in the Republic of Ireland.” – Jan Graf class 1 G

“Well yes, I’d say the article was interesting. The whole drama around the royal family that’s been going on for quite a while now is fascinating. To me, it feels like the Queen is desperately trying to control everyone around her, as if the family would fall apart at the slightest of changes. She has no right to tell Prince Harry how to live his life, and the way she supposedly spoke about Meghan is downright offensive. Sure, she’s from a different enviroment and it’s no surprise that the ways of the Royals seem strange to her, but it’s simply wrong to shame her like that. Harry divorcing her wouldn’t solve any problems, as it is also his way of perceiving the royal life as a whole that lead to his decision, not only his marriage. The Queen is blaming the problems of the family on Meghan, which means she’s simply taking the easiest route of blaming the “outsider” instead of, perhaps, recognizing that the roots run much deeper than she likes to acknowledge.” – Julia Kępa class 1 G

“Although this article didn’t attract my attention, I think queen Elizabeth shouldn’t get involved within Harry and Meghan’s marriage. In my opinion it’s out of place to ask own grandson to divorce with the woman than he loves. I can’t even imagine how Harry is feeling right now. It must have been a hard choice for him. If he stays with Meghan he will ruin his relationship with family, but if he  divorces  her, he will ruin his new family, which he creates with Meghan and their son Archie. Anyway, I think that if Harry followed his heart while making the decision, he made a great choice staying with Meghan.
I don’t like Elizabeth’s attitude towards Meghan. She’s blaming her for literally everything that’s possible. Leaving the Royal family doesn’t mean that Meghan wants to use Harry.
Personally, I think that Meghan will be a good mother. She’s doing all of this because of her son, because she wants him to have a happy, warm and joyful childhood.” – Paulina Kutyba class 1 L

news edited by Joanna Wołkowicka