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Monthly Archives: April 2019

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On 21th March (first day of spring) 2019, like every year, the “Kopernikalia” event took place in our school. In this happening every class is supposed to prepare their classrooms in the subject they choose, and afterwards are vistited by jury. Idea, theme, work contribution and creativity in general are judged. The winner is the class that made the best impression.
This year’s “Kopernikalia” was abudant in creativity and great ideas from our students. Among the most interesting ones are: a wedding, Disneyland, Open’er festival, highlander’s cottage, Greek’s court.
Every class has made a lot of effort preparing their bases and the jury has appreciated each of them, but the real winner – the 1st place- is class 2d with the “Open’er festival” starring Queen. The next was class 1g – presenting Las Vegas…or maybe Las Kopernikas.

“Kopernikalia” also contains a bunch of competitions like: gingerbread competition (which has been won by 1d), pulling out apples from water, choosing Kopernik’s Miss and Mister, running with egg on a spoon contest and other fun games. Some classes also decided to give a performance of dancing in front of the school audience.
I think everyone had a great time celebrating the first day of spring. Not only did it integrate the students but also built stronger relationships between pupils and teachers. Since this way of spending the truant day is a long rooted tradition of our school I would definitely recommend this idea to every school, because – let’s be honest – many of students would’ve taken the day off, and yet they are having fun attending this event.

News prepared by Jakub Włodarski from 2d, edited by M.Kossak