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news prepared by Ms Joanna Wołkowicka

World-wide crises caused by cornavirus pandemic afffects all areas of world’s economy. Due to peoples’ safety all mass events in most of the countries were called of. Lack of concerts, sport’s games means also a lack of money. For example, some musicians have no money right now because they are dependent on live performances. A lot of football players had to lower their wages. I want to show how pandemic impacts widely unsterstood entertainment branch but I am going to concentrate on football.

Every football club earns a lot of money during a match-day. Fans buy tickets to see the match, they can also buy some snacks and drinks on stadiums.  The match is also transmitted so the club makes money from TV rights. Moreover, every club has its own sponsors who pay money for putting their logo onto a football kit. It is a tremendous business. For instance, in English Premiere League -the best paid league in the entire world -due to TV rights each club earns beetween 104-167 milions euro for whole season which makes around over 10 milion pro game.

Now, when matches are not played and leagues are suspended all football clubs lose a lot of money. That is why many clubs are forced to fire employees and decrease players’ wages which is obviously not an easy task because footballers earn tons of money, especially when we compare their earnings to standard work’s earning. Football club board of directors wants to lower their money but they are not interested in that because they do not want to earn less that currently.

If players and clubs do not find the compromise, a lot of clubs will go belly up. Although it is only the beginning of crisis the spectrum of fall is hanging over a lot of clubs from all over the world. There is possibility that many clubs with a long history will not be able to start a new season.

No one knows when football leagues will be reopened but I believe that football games are first to be resumed because players may play their games without live audience at stadium which makes no sense when we are talking about concerts for example. The game would be transmitted and every football club wants to restart earning on its games as soon as possible.

News prepared by Wiktor Machoń from class 3d, edited by Mrs M.Kossak


Source:: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-31379128




A lot of young students even if they aren’t in third class yet, already are worried about matura exam so much. I can’t lie that this exam is not necessary, but I feel like everybody around is making students so scared that they will take it more seriously but it’s not always the best option.

So in form of objection I will show you few tips to change your approach towards exams to make them less serious or stressful and much easier.

Prof. Beilock research

He came up with an idea that if you are able to realize what truly the stress is or just throw it from your mind before the exam you will become more calm and focused. He took 1200 American students, and divided them to four groups. First group had to write about their emotions before the exam, the second one received a text which explains your stressful feelings as feelings that prepare your mind and body to something important, and had to summarize it, the third one got two simillar tasks, the fourth one got task which one was not connected with feelings of stress.

Guess what, the group which write the exam the worst was group fourth. So before exam just put your bad stressful emotions away writing about them, or accept them to motivate yourself and feel more confident.

Breath out the stress

If you want to keep yourself calm, you must control your breathing process. Breathe in and out quite long and slowly that will oxidize your whole organism, and synhronize heart beating. To do it properly you should use your midriff. To concentrate more on it you can close your eyes and imagine some places where you feel safe and relaxed, listening to relaxing music can help as well as it just helps you free your mind. Songs without lyrics work the best because you don’t have to focus on the meaning of the song.

Stress equals energy

That’s is true, have you ever questioned yourself why your hands are shaking so much when you are in stress? This is because of energy collecting on your muscles. So this is a simple equation if you get rid of that energy you will get rid of stress as well. So the best way to do so is sport and physical activities that you personally enjoy. It can be anything: running, jumping, boxing or dancing.

I know it’s hard to do it right before the exam but if you have an idea how to do it go for it, this method will help you, for sure. But one important thing don’t overwork yourself because you will be exhausted during the exam, and your result will be worse.

Avoid toxic environment

If you are staying with persons that are panicking, just run away as far as you can from them.They can have a very strong impact on your frame of mind, just leave them and find people that are more optimistic. Jokes, stupid gossips, lose chatting – this is what you need before exam. Don’t worry it wont make you stupid, you will just feel a lot more relaxed and confident.

And the last advice, if I can call it like that, don’t  thinking too much about stuff you didn’t manage to learn. That will make you panic very easily. I know it’s easy to say and hard to do, but have yourself a go and try to focus on the things that you have already learned and what you are good at. This will make you feel better and a lot more confident, if you get task that you don’t know how to solve just move on, to the next one. You’ll get back to it later when you end other tasks.

We still are not sure about the time we are going to take those exams. However, I hope some of my advice will help you in your battle with stress.



Article written by Mikołaj  Matuszczyk, class 3d. Edited by Mrs M.Kossak


Sources :







As an introduction …

As a result of the global crisis – a coronavirus pandemic in the economy, the economic situation, but most of all in the daily lives of citizens of many countries, there was a stir. How we respond to the outbreak of a pandemic depends on our personal predispositions, experiences and conditions, as well as the community in which we live.

The reaction of Polish citizens …?

It can not be hidden that information about the appearance of “patient 0” in our country met with some kind of panic. Buying masks, gloves, pasta, toilet paper is just the beginning of a long list of not entirely thought out and instinctive actions that Poles have recently committed. There were a series of memes and funny videos on the Internet showing the actions of scared citizens. No wonder then. Fear breeds panic.

Here comes the basic question … If not so, how? How should we behave during this crisis? What can we do to help the case without endangering ourselves and our families? Someone might colloquially say “live on and wait for it to end” – no. In such a difficult time for society, every decision we make should be considered in the general category. In times of such crisis, civic responsibility is a key factor to overcome the epidemic.

At the beginning of? Prevention

Let’s start with seemingly obvious things … but many people still need to be reminded of them. First of all, make sure that you are not a threat to others. There is a reason why you always say “you want to change something – start with yourself”. First, avoid contact with others if you have a cold, a cough or a fever. Avoid spitting in public places and be careful when sneezing and emptying your nose. If the symptoms of the disease, such as cough, runny nose or fever are getting worse, be sure to visit a GP who will guide us further. In the event that we have returned from a long journey or we have contact with such a person, one should be particularly vigilant with respect to appearing symptoms. Keep a safe distance (min. 2 m), and observe separate zones in supermarkets and buses. After returning from the court, supermarket or other public places, immediately wash your hands and disinfect your hands. We should also remember that from April 16 we are obliged to cover the mouth and nose in public places.

What about us? What role do young people play in all this?

It turns out very large. As many of us know, Italy is currently the country with the fastest increase in COVID-19 incidence. Specialists say that one of the reasons for this increase was the Italian citizens (especially young people) disregarding the recommendation to stay at home. Youth in large clusters partied, which led to the rapid spread of the coronavirus. Why do i say about this? Because other countries must draw the appropriate conclusions. The so-called. “coronaholidays” can not become a time of carefree fun for us. If we no longer want best attitude is described, which we as youth can peel.  #stayathome

What about the job?

Unfortunately, there is no golden mean in this matter. As we know, not all work can be done from home, and it is impossible to suspend all workplaces for such a long period of time. However, if we have the opportunity to do our work remotely – do not hesitate. This is a very useful skill that you can quickly learn. Yes, it requires reorganization of free time, but it is a really low price that we can make our families and ourselves safer.

However, if we can not afford such an option, be careful. Avoid giving hands in our workplaces and remember about hygiene. Let’s also make sure that our company adheres to the rules prevailing in the face of epidemiological threat (such as to spend this time in a useful way (as many know it is difficult to motivate to learn …) then at least we should be careful and avoiding clusters of people but preferably staying in their homes. Let’s also put ourselves in the role of our teachers, for whom it is in no way a break from work. Let’s follow their instructions and show understanding especially for the older generation of teachers (not everyone can immediately switch to online lessons).

A special post has been posted on our school’s Facebook page, an excerpt from which I can quote “Transfer your social life to the Internet, and boredom kill thanks books, hobbies or homeworks” – in a few wise words the measuring temperature or providing antibacterial gels).

Also, remember that many companies are affected because of this situation. We have to reckon with the fact that everyone will suffer some losses. We can only hope that the government will react appropriately by providing appropriate support to companies and their employees.

Is there any way to help directly?

Of course yes. As we know, the most vulnerable group is the elderly. For this reason, it is our duty as citizens to take care of the elderly, sick and lonely. Surely there will be someone around us who we can help in everyday activities, whether shopping or walking the dog. Very often such a person is even among our neighbors. Special groups are created in social media, in which we can share our contact number, thus offering help in case of need.

If we have completed the first aid course or emergency medical course we can also help. As we know because of panic in many pharmacies and thus many Polish homes lack basic pharmacological products such as gauze, a tourniquet etc. Facebook is also helpful here. A special group was formed on it, bringing together people who, if needed, offer help. Together with the first aid kit, they arrive at the address indicated and in the event of cuts, burns or other minor wounds, needy people no longer have to call overloaded ambulances at this time. If we have a predisposition, it is worth getting involved in such activities.

Another support group is looking for people who could take a walk and feed owners’s pets of the temporary quarantine. This is a great option for animal lovers and above all safe (so far no risk of infection from animals has been found). Dogs will definitely be grateful to us.

However, if we want to offer some material help and add our proverbial “brick” to buy medical equipment needed in the event of a higher incidence rate, we also have such a possibility. There are many charitable collections that raise money on the Internet. However, it is worth checking whether the collection is legalized and whether 100% of the amount will be transferred for the target before payment.

Medical, nursing or pharmacological students can take up another form of volunteering. Each of them can sign a contract, after which they will be a full-fledged volunteer in an epidemiological emergency.

One can hear more and more about the fact that many institutions such as social welfare homes lack the necessary face masks. Employees must provide this for themselves and their charges on your own.  If we can sew ourselves, we can help such institutions. For those who are friends with the sewing machine, this mask is just 15 minutes of work. We can first supply ourselves, our relatives and neighbors. Secondly we can  check if there is a social institution in our area that reports lack off masks. We can mobilize friends, our families and help for such places.

Article written by Weronika Piotrowska from class 3d.







The problem of global pandemics has recently appeared in our world ,therefore each country is facing the restrictions of their government that tries in its own way to stop  the spread of the virus and takes care of their society. So how is England doing in such a difficult situation? What is their strategy to fight the virus?

At first, English government’s decisions about pandemic, or rather their lack, created controversy. Unlike other countries that introduced radical restrictions, England adopted a different attitude. Ordinary people’s lives went on as if nothing was happening.

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, boasted of visiting a hospital where coronavirus patients were being treated: “I shook hands with everybody, you’ll be pleased to know, and I continue to shake hands with everybody.” But then, Johnson is a libertarian. He chafed at the restrictions on his own life, as he struggled in the preceding weeks to accept the prospect of imposing a lockdown on the free country he loves. He kept Britain’s schools open  long after other nations, including neighboring Ireland and France.

But after a while the government decided to start preventing the virus in more radical way. A ban on leaving home without a justifying reason was introduced. Moreover, gathering with more than 2 people was forbidden. Leaving the house is only possible if we want to go to the grocery store, to the pharmacy, to see a doctor or go to work. There is also a permission to go out to maintain physical activity once a day. Fitness is imposed for non-compliance.

And now the British leader has himself fallen ill with coronavirus, the first world leader to do so. He may have avoided this diagnosis if he had played by the rules — something he is not fond of doing.

Most people follow the country’s recommendations and restrictions, but those are quite onerous. After the survey, a significant number of people complain on depression, insomnia, financial problems or admit that they consume more alcohol than usual. In addition, every third person claims to eat more or less healthy.

As we can see, not only in Poland it is difficult nowadays but also other countries are facing the same problem to a greater or lesser extent.

So please stay at home with your families and be responsible. Good things come to those who wait.

News prepared by Ola Kozak from class 3d, edited by Mrs M.Kossak


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On April 5, The Queen Elizabeth II has delivered a historic, stirring address to the nation during the coronavirus lockdown. Invoking wartime spirit, the 93-year-old monarch told Britons “we will succeed”, adding that “better days will return”.


The Queen’s Coronavirus Speech Is Now Being Illuminated On The Piccadilly Circus Billboards


In a special message to the nation she pointed the value of self-discipline and determination. She also thanked healthcare staff and all key employees.
“We fight this disease together and I want to assure you that if we remain united and unwavering, we will be able to overcome it”,  she said.
The queen expressed the conviction that the moments when the inhabitants of the country go out to the houses to thank the applause of the health service personnel and other necessary employees will be remembered as an expression of the spirit of the nation.
She also recalled her first appearance on the radio in 1940, when, together with her younger sister, Princess Margaret, she encouraged children during the German bombings.
“As children, we talked in Windsor with children who were evacuated from homes and sent (elsewhere) for our own safety. Today, once again, many people will feel painful separation from loved ones. But now, just like then, we know deep down that it should be done”, she said.

Elizabeth II, during almost 70 years of rule, issued a message in connection with the crisis only a few times. The Queen of Great Britain gave her last message in 2002 in connection with the death of Queen Mother – Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. In the same year, Queen Elizabeth II made a television speech on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the reign. Earlier, the Queen of Great Britain turned to the nation only before the funeral of Princess Diana in 1997 and after the start of the first Gulf War in 1991. After 18 years, Queen Elizabeth II again turned to the British.

Unfortunately, the latest statistics (13TH April) shown on https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/uk/  are as follows: Coronovirus cases in UK- 88,621; Deaths -11,329.

Facts and figures about the speech in brief:

  • The Queen delivered rare and historic televised address to the nation
  • 23.3million tuned in – just outside top ten most watched shows of all time
  • In it, she called on the British people to unite in the battle against coronavirus
  • Her poignant address was hailed on social media with a tidal wave of support
  • Royal commentators have praised ‘perfect’ speech to inspire lockdown Britain
  • Queen’s ‘proud’ granddaughter Zara Tindall said today: ‘I hope everyone listens’


We will succeed’: Watch the Queen’s speech on coronavirus in full:


News prepared by Bartosz Pijet from class 3d, edIted by Mrs M.Kossak

Sources (article and photo):


The Queen’s Coronavirus Speech Is Now Being Illuminated On The Piccadilly Circus Billboards

Coronavirus: Sales of Lady Vera Lynn’s Goodbye Soar After Queen’s Speech | Ents & Arts News

New York: the capital of commerce, fun and broad prospects. Every year thousands of tourists visit this city. But what has happened to it during the national quarantine? The view of the capital of fashion and fame is beyond recognition ! Today it is an extinct city, and certainly even the oldest New Yorkers have not seen such deserted Manhattan, where the streets are empty and most places are closed. Manhattan turned from the concrete jungle into a concrete desert.

Coronavirus is changing the New York landscape. You can see it everywhere, starting from Times Square. In this famous square it is usually difficult to break through the crowd, but the situation has changed dramatically. My friends from US say that their beautiful city is a ghost town these days. I admit that the view of the current Times Square made a terrible impression on me. The photos that I took on this square a few years ago differ a lot from what you can observe now.

It is also worth mentioning the famous New York subway. It’s always been my eternal dream to go somewhere using this means of transport. Stops, especially during rush hour, were besieged by thousands of people. It was also sometimes difficult to get into the car in the street. But now the metro runs less frequently and people are afraid of their lives and their families. The majority of people choose to stay at home.


The stereotype of a typical New Yorker has also changed. People around the world called them shopaholics. Currently, they can’t shop so easily and enjoy their life. During this difficult time, New Yorkers began to follow strict rules imposed by the government. In the pictures on the Internet you can see people wearing masks on their faces and rubber gloves. Everything for safety!


Some of European airline counters at JFK seen empty in New York, United States on March 13, 2020. U.S. President Donald Trump announced a ban on air travel between Europe and the U.S., which will further impact the aviation industry that has already been suffering as the virus spreads. (Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)


I did not think that I would ever see such a view. This is very sad and worth considering. I have a lot of hope that with each passing day the situation in the world and in New York will start to improve, and the capital of fame and money will become a real empire again.

Written by Weronika Rodziewicz , class 3d. Edited by Mrs M.Kossak





Is there a necessity to explain what COVID-19 is? Of course not. We have more than million cases all over the world and quarter of that amount is located in USA. How are Americans dealing with coronavirus?

The first known case of the virus in U.S. was confirmed on January 20th in a 35-year-old returnee from Wuhan. 11 days later the administration of the president Donald Trump declared a public health emergency and announced restrictions on travellers from China. As the time went by more and more people got infected (as everywhere) and with them – more restrictions and actions in order to prevent further virus spread.
U.S. government mobilized many health organizations to accelerate researching vaccine and proper medical therapy for already infected and provided medical supplies to hospitals. Since March 14th there is total suspension of flights between the United States and European Union Countries (including Ireland and Great Britain).

Unfortunately, although the actions USA has become the epicentre of the virus. Not only does it affect health of many people, education and economy but also many people lose their jobs. So far there has been nearly 10 million applications for unemployment benefit!

President Donald Trump made several false claims during today’s coronavirus briefing, including the outrageous assertion that the president has “total” authority in the US. Defending his administration’s response to the coronavirus crisis, Trump presented a video that looked suspiciously similar to his campaign ads. The video featured flattering clips from Fox News derided news outlets that have been critical of the president. “When somebody is the president of the United States, the authority is total,” Trump said, referring to matters of public health and police powers inside the states.


Coronavirus rages in USA for over 2 months now; since the index patient there are over 587 000 confirmed cases, 119 686 of which were mortal. On average, every 1 minute in USA someone dies from COVID-19. In pandemic on that scale everyone is exposed, including celebrities. Most famous case was Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson. On March 11th actor informed on his Twitter and Instagram that they were tested positive for COVID-19. Hanks got infected in Australia during filming Elvis Presley biopic. Luckily, until the end of march they both recovered and came back to USA.

Coronavirus affects every and each one of us. In this hard time we should help each other, especially elder ones which are most exposed. We should stay together yet keep the physical distance and most importantly – #stayhome.


Written by Jakub Włodarski from 3d, edited by Mrs.M.Kossak

Sources (aricle/photos):



For the longest time that I can remember I couldn’t decide what I would be doing in the future. What is my dream job? What is my favourite hobby? What do I really want to do?
I wasn’t able to find an answer for any of those questions. I was (and still am) interested in drawing, crafting and languages, but most of all-music. For a few years I thought that my future job would be connected with it. I’ve been interested in playing the guitar or singing since I can remember. The problem was that even though I really liked it, I didn’t see myself in a job which would include it.
But almost two years ago, the answer to all of my questions finally came. On the first of August I was on a one-day trip in Warsaw with my boyfriend, to see the celebarations of Warsaw uprising. At that time he started learning things about videography. He was talking about it constantly. While finding the theoretical part quite boring, I decided to try to make some photos of architecture with his camera. I thought that if he was so passionate about this, then maybe it would be also fun for me.
Later that day, we went to the city center to see how Warsaw looked like on W-hour. It was the first time when I realised what photography really was. It is not only about making a nice photo, but what matters the most for me- photography is about capturing emotions and the essence of a moment. When I was taking photos of all this people making tribute to uprising soldiers, for the first time I thought that it may be my dream job.
Quickly after that I started learing how to use programs for proffesional photographers. At the beggining it was all trials and errors. But no matter what- I tried to make myself better at it. When my parents saw that I was making progress and that I was passionate about it, they decided to buy a new camera and some lenses, and it really boosted up my photography game. Don’t get me wrong- gear is just a part, while creativity and practice are the most important of all. After few months I decided that it is a good idea to make a facebook page where I can share my photos, and it payed off. People who were following my page were saying that I have a talent for it. Not long after I’ve had my first paid session. It was a great experience and it really opened my eyes, I realised how the photographer job looked like. From one session came another, now I do mostly photos for my porftolio, and I have to reschedule all big sessions because of Matura examination.
From digital photography I started learning about film photography. At the beggining I didn’t have my own camera. My friend borrowed me one because she wanted to have some old-school photos. When my English teacher saw that I’m interested in it, she also borrowed me her own. Film photography has a different feeling. It is full of surprises, because you don’t know if the photo came out well. You have to wait for the photos to develop. It teaches you about making the best photo choices (beacuse you can only do 36 photos per roll) and choosing the best exposure settings. “Quality over quantity” is what the best describes traditional photography.
All in all, don’t worry if you haven’t found your vocation yet. Try new things even if you think that it may not work. When the passion goes in your way, you’ll for sure recognise it. I’ll try my best to make photography my job, because it is not repetitive and involves a lot of creativity, which is a definition of my dream job.
You can find me on instagram @agaciakowym.okiem and DM me if you want to talk about photography or ask some questions. And remember to do things which make you happy, then all the worries go away. 🙂

news and photos by Agata Kapuścińska from class 3 G


Due to coronavirus pandemic,  classes have “moved” to our students’ homes. But luckily they are being very creative in those hard times! Read some catchy stories by Basia and Justyna from class 2b! Enjoy!


…‘Doctor Strange is invited to the operating room’ I heard from the speakers.
In one minute I was ready. Well not really. There was something I forgot and couldn’t go anywhere without it. My ring. Or how I called it – magic ring. It wasn’t really magical but to me it was. I have never done any surgery before without it. I always feel incomplete without this ring. After all I have had it since I can remember.
I looked at the desk, and froze. The ring wasn’t there. I looked to the cupboard near the doctor’s bed. It wasn’t there either. I was really confused. I had no idea, where else it could be than in my office. I couldn’t even remember when I had taken it off.
‘Doctor Strange is asked to appear in the operating room’ I heard again from the speakers. I hadn’t got much time to find my ring.
For some people my fear could be ridiculous. But I was terrified. I did all of my surgeries with this ring. I call it magical because I believe that I’m more confident and calm in the operation room only because of that ring. Without it I’m just a terrified human inside. And for sure, not capable of carrying out the complicated surgery that awaited me.
Then one thing helped me figure out something. I remembered that one of the nurses had told me that she had been in my office in the morning. Maybe she took this ring, saw it or something like that. I didn’t want to accuse anyone but I was desperate in that moment.
‘Doctor Strange is invited to the operating room’ voice from the speakers showed again but I ignored it and ran out of my office.
Luckily or not I found that nurse right behind the corner of the corridor.
‘Mrs Mahoney, were you in my office this morning?’ I asked. I was full of hope that she really knew where my ring is.
‘Yes,I left you documentary about one of your patient Doctor Strange. Just like you asked me to do yesterday . This is it about this guy with weird sickness – coronavirus or something like that.’ She said. ‘Did you find it?’
‘Yes, but it’s not what I wanted to asked you about’ This patient could wait, his illness wasn’t heavy. It’s not the second plague after all. Right now the most important to me was my ring and the surgery of course. ‘I have lost my ring. Maybe you know something about it?’
‘No doctor, I didn’t see it’ She said ‘Wait, did you think, that I could steal something from you?’ Her eyes become full of anger just in the matter of seconds. ‘How dare you!’ She turned and walked away.
I stayed alone on the corridor. I was really scared and I didn’t know what to do. Then someone grabbed my arm and turned me around. It was my director. He seemed really angry.
‘Stephanie why are you not on your surgery now?’ He almost yelled.
‘I can’t do this’ I tried to defend myself
‘Yes, you can and you have to do this right now. Everyone is waiting for you. You are coming with me’
I wasn’t just scared. I was terrified. I couldn’t do anything. I felt like a robot who must follow his creator. I couldn’t even stop. And I still hadn’t got my ring! It was all like in a really bad dream
The man in front of me opened a huge door. I felt terrible. I closed my eyes so as not to see other people in the room.

And then I woke up. I was in my bedroom. Not in hospital. I wasn’t a doctor, just a student and my name wasn’t Stephanie Strange but Basia Wesołek. I took a deep breath.
‘God, I have really weird dreams’ I thought. I was glad that I was in my room like never before. And that my only task was to write an essay for English class, not treating someone.

by Basia W.


’Daddy please hurry up! We’re already late! ’Said little Mikey standing in the hall.
” Yes ​​… yes I’m ready. We can go now ’the man finished eating his sandwich and he put on a jacket. That was Mikey’s dad – Cillian ’Have you packed your lunch?’ He asked, grabbing his briefcase.
’Yes dad’ Mikey replied in a bored voice ’Please hurry up, I made an appointment with Tommy at the school gate’
‘Go and wait for me in the car’ said Cillian, putting on his shoes ‘Ciril, stay here’ he said to the big Labrador who was watching him ‘Good boy’ Cillian smiled and corrected his tie.
He thought that he had everything and he was ready to leave the house, but …
‘Mikey? Have you seen my phone? ’
‘No. Have you lost it? ’
’No way. I called your mom before breakfast. You didn’t touch it, did you? ’
’No, I have no idea where it can be. Can you go to work without it? ’
’Of course not, Mikey. I need to do some important calls ’Cillian scratched his hair nervously’ Please, help me find it ’
“But Tommy …”
’Tommy will wait for you. Come on, together we will find it faster ‘
Cillian and Mikey began searching. They searched in the kitchen, living room, bathroom and hall. There was no trace of the phone.
‘Dad!’ Mikey whispered loudly from the living room.
‘Have you found it?’
‘No, but I hear it ringing somewhere’
They both tried to make out where the sound came from. They came to the hall where the phone was ringing and Ciril was in it.
“It’s ringing under Ciril” noted Mikey “Hey, Ciril! Move away! ’
Ciril moved away, but the sound moved with him. Mikey and Cillian both looked at each other surprised.
‘Ciril? Have you eaten dad’s phone? ”Asked Mikey laughing. The dog barked like he would say ‘yes’ and waved his tail.
’But how is it possible? ’Cillian came closer to the dog. The ring sound ended.
’You have a cookie-shaped phone case. Maybe he thought it was one of his snacks? ’
’I have to take him to the vet and get it out of him. Go to the car, boys ’Mikey and Ciril went to the car when Cillian locked the door.
’Can I go with you, dad? Please! I won’t leave Ciril alone ‘asked Mikey sadly.
’No way. I will drive you to school ’said Cillian, sitting onthe  driver’s seat and fastening the seat belts.
’But I’m already late …’
‘No discussion!’ He said sternly, sharply depressing the accelerator and driving out into the street.
They made their way in silence. When they arrived at Mikey’s school, Cillian phoned his boss from a phone booth and apologized that he wuold’t appear in work today because of the ‘small accident’. The boss was forgiving. Cillian left the phone booth and went back to the car. Ciril was sitting on passenger’s seat and sadly looked at him. Cillian went into the car and petted the dog’s ear.
” I know you didn’t meant to eat my phone. I forgive you. Let’s get it out of you ’
He started the engine and headed for the veterinary clinic. They got there in a few minutes. There was no queue, so the vet quickly took them in and took care of the patient. He said that the procedure may take a while.
’That’s okay. I will wait in the waiting room ’
The door closed behind the vet and Cillian was alone. He was walking nervously around the room, waiting for the end of the procedure. A long time passed and the door was still closed. From behind them were the terrifying sounds of drills. Cillian swallowed hard. He began to fear greatly for his pet.
Finally the door opened. Cillian approached them quickly. The vet came up to him, taking the mask off his mouth. He smiled pulling something from behind.
’I think it’s yours’ he showed him a plastic bag with Cillian’s phone inside.
’Thank you’ he took a package from him ’How’s Ciril doing?’
’He’s sleeping now. I can help you to get him to your car. He will wake up when you get home ’
As the vet said, Ciril woke up when Cillian parked his car in front of the house. The dog smiled to him and waved his tail.
‘Are you okay, buddy?’ He asked amused and helped Ciril get home. When they were inside, Ciril got his favorite snack and a big hug.
When Mikey and his mom came home in the afternoon, Cillian told them about today. In the end they all laughed and thanked that everything ended happily…

by Justyna W.