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Czestochowa is the town of 260 thousand citizens. It is an academic and cultural centre situated in the heart of southern Poland above the “Warta” river. Surrounded by Jurassic rocks of The Cracow-Czestochowa Upland, natural parks and ruins of middle-aged castles are one of the most interesting tourist and economy regions of Poland.
The best-known monument is the Pauline Fathers’ Monastery at “Jasna Gora”. Apart from this the city also boasts of the 19th century Town Hall, now the seat of The Czestochowa Museum, The Archaeological Reservation, old churches, the cathedral and The Old Town. A lot of walking and cycling routs lead through the city. Every year The International Festival of Sacral Music called “Gaude Mater” and The Pyrotechnic and Laser Shows attract many amateurs.

Czestochowa’s Flag

Three stripes: two equal width – white or silver on top and blue on bottom, and yellow between them.

Czestochowa’s Emblem

Two animals are standing on two towers, on the left – lion, on right – raven or eagle (gold or black colors). City walls are always white and the gate is open, as well.

———- HISTORY ———-

The first mention about the city was made in 1220. It owes its name from man called Czestoch, who was the founder of the settlement on the left shore of the “Warta” river.

Modern city developed from two small cities: The Old Czestochowa, and smaller one – Czestochowka.
How old is Czestochowa?

» The Old Czestochowa located on the cross of the most importantcommercial routs, got the metropolitan laws in 1377. Czestochowka was located on the hillside of dominant ascent where the small wooden church was standing. Because of the fact that Jurassic rocks were white this ascent was called (and still is) Jasna Gora. As a result of prince Wladyslaw Opolczyk’s policy, this place was chosen as a place for Pauline Fathers’ Monastery from Hungary. The official ceremony was in 1382. Two years later, prince Wladyslaw donated for the monastery a picture from Russia, which showed Christ as baby with his mother. From that moment Jasna Gora became one of the best-known destination for pilgrimages in Central Europe. The military attack of Swedes in 1655 made this place much important especially for Poles. It was because of a great Paulins’ defence during occupation. Many people who are catholic still believe that was a miracle made by the Christ’s mother from the picture.

»In 19th century, when the border of duty between Russia and Poland was lifted, Poland became the centre of industries such as: steel industry, lime industry, textile industry.Nowadays Czestochowa is one of the biggest cities in Poland- it takes 160 km2 with 260 thousand citizens.

———- CULTURE ———-

Czestochowa is very important centre of cultural life. Every year there are many big affairs that are known in all country. These are:
-> International Festival of Sacral Music “Gaude Mater”
-> International Violin Festival “B. Huberman”
-> Art Triennial ” Sacrum”
-> The Pyrotechnics and Laser Show,
and many local occasions, which makes citizens’ life more interesting and gives the chance for them to be better educated.

In 1998 Czestochowa as the first town in Central Europe received the Europe Prize “Prix de l’Europe”, the highest award granted to European local governments by the Council of Europe. This prize was given as a result of local government’s effort made for the European integration, maintenance and development of friendly relations with partner towns in Europe, sharing experience in the sphere of culture, education, tourism and economy. Furthermore, Czestochowa collaborate with different countries from all over the world such as: Loreto, Lourdes, South Bend, Fatima, Altotting, Pfrorzheim and Graz, which belong to the group of prize towns. Czestochowa also was awarded the Honorary Flag of Europe and the Council of Europe Honorary Plaque.

———- LEISURE ———-

The first sport organization was found in 1893.
Now, in Czestochowa there are about 80 sport organizations, which include 6.000 players from different disciplines. We have many famous sportsmen, who are known all over the country and Europe. But you don’t have to be a star to play, do exercises.
In our city there are lots of different places where you can improve your qualities in dancing, swimming, playing basketball or volleyball, etc…

Czestochowa has 3 big sport halls, two summer and 5 covered swimming pools, skating-rink, stadiums, famous cinder track, bowling alley, some well-prepared bicycle paths and many beautiful parks for pleasant walks. Those, who love to float in the sky can go for in hang-gliding and flying in the air club on the nearby airport. For young and elderly people, there are also many dancing schools of modern, classical and outgoing dance. You can also take part in play in theatre or dancing theatre. If you are interested in watching good films you will soon able to watching them in the new multi-cinema

Place of rest and peace nearby Jasna Gora

Speedway match on the “CKM Wlokniarz’s” stadium

Uplands are excellent place for hang-gliding of each type

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