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Few weeks ago an innovative English lesson took place in our school. It’s inspired by Candy Chang’s project called, I Wish This Was”. The idea of it is to improve and modernize your local neighborhood or community. It is focused on implementing public ideas, giving citizens a place where they can use their voices to make changes that are vital for them. It’s also a form of art. Their needs can be expressed by the use of fill-in-the-blank stickers that people fill up and put wherever they feel is needed. But our school took a kind of different angle on it.

Students from class 3k were asked by their English teacher to prepare presentations that contained the things that they would like to see changed in our school. The ideas were mainly hypothetical , we were told not to worry about the costs, pandemic, or any permits. Each group showed a short presentation, either digital or good old-fashioned one, with printed photos and amazing custom-made magnets.

Let’s start with the first group. They’ve developed an amazing ideas such as:

  •  A Chill room
  • A Playroom
  • A Restaurant/Canteen
  • A Meditation place
  • A School Garden
  • A Vending Machine (perfect for an emergency)
  • A Communication Path

The second group got a closer look at 3 propositions:

  • A school canteen that would help students connect with each other and improve their diet
  • A school radio hub because they think it is an easy and quick form of informing about events and also could be used to play calming music during breaks
  • And last but not least, a modern sports facilities. They would like to see separate pitches, courts, and gyms so that students could focus more on their health and work on their skills

Group number three chose some new ideas:

  • A chemical laboratory with modern equipment and lots of chemical samples
  • A cinema hall that can also be used as an auditory
  • A canteen
  • And new large parking for students to simplify their individual transport to school

The fourth group presented their ideas in an original way with the use of magnets they’ve prepared They selected:

  • Cafeteria
  • Swimming pool to encourage some students that don’t really enjoy normal PE lessons
  • The gym which could be another substitute for classic PE
  • An exhibition in biology class that students could help complete
  • New computers and tech equipment in informatic class
  • A New backyard to give students a place to chill and make new friends

Although some of our ideas were different, few appeared more frequently. Thanks to this project we discovered what the students would enjoy the most. It’s clear to me that a cafeteria is the most popular idea, as each and every one of us mentioned that. What a coincidence!  However, it’s not a surprise, a lot of students have troubles making their food so it would be very convenient for a lot of them. What we eat also has a tremendous impact on our health so we should pay more attention to it. At number two we have a gym/swimming pool. Having these facilities in our school would be a great opportunity to expand our sports skills. And I think everyone would enjoy having a little variety from time to time. What also seemed to be important to our students was a place to rest and relax. it would be great to have a break in such a space, which would definitely help us get through a hard day in school. Some of these ideas aren’t exactly necessities in our lives but they can surely make it more interesting , easier and more enjoyable. Overall, this project was a fun and eye-opening experience and I would encourage everyone to try it. In addition, we had a great chance to improve English as well as our public speaking skills.

We do hope that some of these ground-breaking ideas will come to realization one day… Let’s have a quick look at our proposals!

Article written by Hania Fijałkowska from class 3k, edited by Mrs M.Kossak-Wąchała