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Monthly Archives: April 2012

27th April was the last day of school for third year students. During an official parting ceremony second year students wished them good luck, gave some souvenirs and the certificates were handed in by our headmistress and form teachers. All of us were moved and for some in was even hard to resist crying.

We strongly believe they will keep all these good memories forever.



News prepared by Mrs Marzena Kossak

The Rotary Club Pforzheim invited our student from IIC – Anita Przezdzing.

The  President of Częstochowa received an official  written invitation for Anita  during his visit in  Pforzheim, Częstochowa’s twin city. She won a two-week language scholarship taking place in this town. We are proud of her and glad she would be our representative there.

We have the plaesure to inform about a great success of one of our students !

KATARZYNA KRYSZYN  from 2G became a LAUREATE of  Nationwide Contest of Diamond Student’s book of Registration of AGH.

It is a three-part-contest from four main subjects.  Kasia choose geography with the elements of geology. Definitely, it is a great success of both Kasia and her geography teacher,  Mrs ROMA OCIEPA, as the contest is said to be hard and challenging. Although she is in the second class, Kasia’s admission to AGH is guaranteed. AGH  is said to be a very prestigious academy so it is really difficult to get into. In June  an official ceremony is taking place and a Diamond Student’s Book of Registration will be handed in.


News prepared by Mrs Marzena Kossak

On 12th April  over 900 quests from over 40 Junior High Schools visited Kopernik High School!

The visitors were both from Częstochowa and the province. They were guided by our students, mostly from first and second classes accompanied by some of the teachers. In the gym there were many stalls presenting different classes and their profiles as well as our School Theatre,  extra-curricular activities or our English website. They also had a chance to observe some lessons and watch the  fragments of a play presented by our actors.

We believe all of them spent a nice time here and got to know our school better and we are  sure to welcome some of them in September as the first year students.

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News prepared by Mrs Marzena Kossak

We would like to invite all final year students from Junior High Schools from Częstochowa and the whole province to our school for a very special day. On 12th April 2012 we organize an OPEN DAY to present our High School.

Don’t  miss the chance to get to know it as well as it is possible. We will all welcome you with open arms!!!



Classes with leading subjects for the year 2012/2013:
I a – biology, chemistry, physics ( with English and Russian/ or French )
I b – English , Polish, history, cultural knowledge ( with English and French )
I c – Polish, English or/ German, history, society knowledge ( with German, English )
I d – mathematics, computer science, physics ( with English and German )
I e – English, Russian, history, society knowledge ( with English and Russian )
I f – English, Polish, history, society knowledge ( with English, French )
I g – mathematics, geography, society knowledge ( with English, German or/ Russian )
I h – mathematics, geography, society knowledge ( with English, German )

Maximum number of students – 30 !




 News prepared by Mrs Marzena Kossak

Every year our school organizes an event called ‘Kopernikalia’. During this special day our students present their talents.  It’s a day when students welcome spring, dance, sing, tell jokes and do many other funny things. There is a kind of competition – school miss and mister elections. >From every class classmates choose one girl and one boy. Girls pretend to be boys and boys pretend to be girls. They change their clothes, present their images, ask a bit strange questions, like : What would you choose, a snail or a snake ?  They prepare their speeches and present their costumes for different occasions.
It’s a nice way to celebrate the beginning of a new season spring which brings lots of positive energy, sunshine and a smile on each person’s face.

Oh , and one more thing , we have a competition for the best cakes! This year the ones, which were made by the students themselves, were the most owesome. The ones corresponding with the planets or the  figure of our patron Mikołaj Kopernik were the best and won the competion.

We celebrated “Kopernikalia”  on 21st  March and again, we had loads of fun and laughter.

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News prepared by Agata Ujma from 1g

One of our French teachers, Mrs Katarzyna Kornecka-Nalewajka has just informed us about the results of her students who took part in The French Language Competition organized by Language Colleague in Częstochowa. The great results go as follows:

The Second Prize – Aleksandra Wdowiak from 3e
The Runner-up– Agnieszka Mikuta, also from 3e.

As we can see, not only do we achieve success in English, but in French as well! Congratulations!!!