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An English Cocker Spaniel, Lupo was an important member of the Cambridge Family. On Sunday, 22 November Kate and William shared the sad news  about the loss of their beloved pet via their Insagram account. Below a photo of the nine-year-old dog they added personal capition: “Very sadly last weekend our dear dog, Lupo, passed away. He has been at the heart of our family for the past nine years and we will miss him so much. – W &C”

Lupo was born around Christmas 2011 and was bred from Ella, the Middleton Family dog owned by Kate’s parents, Mike and Carole Middleton. The dog was a gift to Duchess of Cambridge  from her husband for her thirtieth birthday. 

The dog’s name wasn’t random. Lupo  means “wolf” in Italian and it referred to Kate’s great- grandmother, Olive Christiana Lupton because the Lupton family crest has three wolves on it. Over the years, Lupo has become a precious creature for the Cambridge family. Prince William mentioned the dog in his first official interview after becoming a father in 2013. He said: “For me Catherine and now little George are my priorities, and Lupo”. The dog also often appeared in photos with the family, he even featured in one of the first official picture of Prince George. Moreover, Lupo helped Kate and William pick Prince George’s name! The royal couple struggled with the choice of the name for their heir so they scattered pieces of paper with various ideas. Lupo stopped and put his paw on the one with “George”.

Prince William and Kate said Lupo (pictured with Prince George in 2016) was “at the heart” of their family since 2011.

The dog has even been the star of a series of children’s books by author Abi King. ” The Adventures of a Royal Dog” fearured the fictional adventures of heroic Lupo and was published between 2014 and 2016.

Kate’s brother, James Middleton who is a total dog lover and a owner of Lupo’s mother and littermates also mourned the pooch’s death. He wrote on his social media: “Nothing can ever prepare you for the loss of a dog. For those who have never had a dog, it might be hard to understand the loss.“However for those who have loved a dog know the truth: a dog is not just a pet; it is a member of the family, a best friend, a loyal companion, a teacher and a therapist.” 

News written by Patrycja Stodółkiewicz from class 1a, edited by Mrs M. Kossak


James Middleton shares emotional tribute after death of Kate and Prince William’s dog Lupo | Royal | News (Reports)


The new season of ”The Crown” series breaks records of popularity!!!

”The Crown” is a British-American series that has been produced by Netflix, telling the story of life of Queen Elisabeth II and the whole Royal Family. The latest, fourth season premiered on November 15, 2020 and automatically gained sympathy among viewers.

“The Crown” Season 4 covers events in the life of Elizabeth in the years 1979–1990. It was deffinitelly interesting time both in the Royal Family and also in Great Britain. Series is so interesting as not only does it unmask dirty secrets but also is so rich in historical facts. Unknown secrets and facts shocked people who watched “The Crown”.

For me the series looks really truthful. It’s undoubtedly thanks to a great cast. The Crown season 4 welcomes several newcomers to the cast. All actors and actresses with all engagement create their characters. Olivia Colman (actress who plays Queen Elisabeth II) said that it was really hard to create so characteristic and important person with class and without overstatement. She also said that the biggest challange in this role was the way of moving as a Queen, but finally I think that she was great in her role. She notified that it was fun to be on the plan. Josh O’Connor who plays Prince of Wales said that the most important thing in role like that is not to imitate the real figure but create it individually with the knowledge about this person. Big bow for directors and all production for choosing cast, because everybody is so similar to a real person not even in appearance but in body language, too.

Really important for the viewers and absolutely the most interesting and awaited stotyline in this season was the marriage of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer (Emma Corrin). I must say that directors didnot dissapoint in this way. Fans of series are charmed about the creation of Diana by Emma.

In this season we are dealing with the storyline of so-called “Iron Lady”-the first woman who was Prime Minister in England – Margaret Thatcher. In series we can see her strong hand reigns and realtionship with the Queen. This hard to re-create figure is played by Gillian Anderson. Viewers are divided between those who are delighted about the way she creates this role and the others who are even cross, because of some kind of exaggeration which made this character look comical. You must watch it to find out and make your own opinion! But without doubts Margaret Thatcher was such an interesting personage and historical background is so gripping as well..

Meet the cast of The Crown season 4:

I think that this series is important because it shows us that even (or maybe especially) in one of the most respected family in the whole world are sone bad issues. Thanks to showing private feelings of characters the plots are more accurate and real.

I really recommended this series to people who are interested in Royal Family as well as those keen on British history. For me this series is so gripping and addictive and I am pretty sure that you will become interested. too!

Watch the film below and meet the cast of The Crown season 4 :

News prepared by Oliwia Karczewska from class 3b, edited by Ms M.Kossak




Today morning I had a pleasure to take part in an International GOI PEACE FOUNDATION FORUM 2020. It is connected with our last success in an International Goi Peace Foundation Essay Contest.

VII Kopernik High School was given the BEST SCHOOL INCENTIVE AWARD, which is a special school award for outstanding works. Our hard work in June paid off. The Jury appreciated excellent essays written by ten of our students:

Weronika Piotrowska (former class 3d – already a student)

Magdalena Orda (3g)

Magdalena Szyda (3g)

Aleksandra Sufin (3g)

Oliwia Lizurej (3g)

Weronika Szydłowska (3g)

Konrad Błosiński (3b)

Julia Kanak (3b)

Julia Gorajek (3b)

Oliwia Karczewska (3b)

That is why , me as their teacher, was invited to take part in today’s forum , which was online this year, due to pandemic. In previous years the forum was in Japan, where the winners had a chance to present their work personally. But not this time…

This year’s theme and a leading quotation were:

“Creating a Better World for Future Generations”

As always when great collective changes are needed, everything starts with a personal change, an intimate mutation:
acting on ourselves to prepare to act in the world, so that it remains liveable for us.
We then discover that acting on ourselves is, in itself, an action on the world.
― Jacques Attali

In 2020, the world was brought to a standstill, urgently prompting humanity to re-examine our ways of living and being. The forum included the main questions: What kind of life do we want to live, and what kind of future society do we want to create?
We had a chance to take a deep dive into these pressing questions, together with this year’s Goi Peace Award Laureate, Dr. Jacques Attali. We were joined by philosopher Dr. Hiroshi Tasaka for an insightful conversation bringing together wisdom from West and East. We were accompanied also by Masami Sainoji – a chairperson of the Goi Peace Foundation and May Peace Prevail On Earth International (headquartered in New York), an international lecturer, author and activist.

The forum program was divided into 2 parts:

PART 1: Goi Peace Award Acceptance Speech and Talk Session

The Goi Peace Award is presented annually to honor individuals and organizations in various fields that have made outstanding contributions toward the realization of a peaceful and harmonious world for all life on earth.The 2020 Goi Peace Award was presented to Jacques Attali, economist, author, and Founder of Positive Planet who gave a very interesting speech for all of us.

Part 2: Voices of Youth

The 2020 The International Essay Contest for Young People With the theme “A Letter from Myself 2030” attracted more than 33,000 entries from 166 countries. First prize winners in the children’ s (from Sri Lanka ) and youth (from Ukraine) categories presented their winning essays.

It was a great experience and pleasure to be a part of this event. The best part for me was to see and listen to those who won the essay contest- really inspirational young people.

The results of the Goi Peace Foundation Essay Contest can be checked here (find our school!) :


News written by Mrs Marzena Kossak-Wąchała

The Spanish flu was an unusually deadly influenza pandemic caused by the H1N1 virus. Lasting from February 1918 to April 1920, it infected 500 million people – about a third of the world’s population at the time – in four successive waves. The death toll is typically estimated to have been somewhere between 17 million and 50 million, and possibly as high as 100 million, making it one of the deadliest pandemics in human history.

The geographic origin of the pandemic remains unknown but it was called the Spanish flu for a very simple reason – Spain wasn’t involved in the World War I which was going on when the pandemic started, so it was one of the very few countries where the newspapers were sharing true stories without propaganda. That’s why it looked worse in Spain than anywhere else and people from other countries created a false opinion that the flu was hitting especially hard there.

First case of an infection was reported on March 4th 1918. The sick man was Albert Gitchell, an army cook at Camp Funston in Kansas, United States. Within days over 500 soldiers at the camp reported sick and the flu reached New York. When the US entered WWI, the disease quickly spread to other US Army camps and to European countries such as Italy, Spain, France or Great Britain. When Germany started releasing  Russian political prisoners, they brought the disease to their country. In April and May it reached North Africa, India and Japan, in June there was an outbreak in China, and in July – in Australia. The first wave was rather mild, death rate was not much higher than usual and it started to recede after reaching Australia.

The second wave, which began in August and peaked in October and November was the deadliest. The flu spread over all America and Africa. The Philadelphia Liberty Loans Parade, held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on 28 September 1918 to promote government bonds for World War I, resulted in 12,000 deaths after a major outbreak of the illness spread among people who had attended the parade. The deadliness of the flu during its second wave was close to 30% and October 1918 is called the most tragic month in the World’s history.

The third wave and the fourth wave were less deadly than the second, but still more deadly than the first. During this period of time, which is 1919 and 1920 most countries reached the peak and could come down from it.

It is interesting that during the first wave mainly older people were dying, but then younger people, between 20 and 40 years old, started dying more often than the elderly. It definitely wasn’t a typical tendency that we can expect from a flu.

Nowadays comparing the Spanish flu to the Coronavirus doesn’t make us too optimistic. We can suspect that at the moment the second wave is hitting us in Poland and around the world,  similarly to October and November in 1918. Will COVID-19 last as long as the Spanish flu so we will get rid of it in early 2022? Will it hit us with four waves which means we’re only halfway there? Hopefully those dark scenarios won’t come true because we have much more medical knowledge and skilled medical staff than we had 100 years ago, but surely we have a lot to think about. 

Sources: English Wikipedia, Gazeta Wyborcza

written by Dorota Liszewska from class 2 G

edited by Ms Marta Leśniak

Reading is a way to reduce stress, relax and, at the same time, exercise our brain. Reading in general broadens the mind. But what can reading in another language do?
In my personal experience, reading in English helps to improve language skills and widens vocabulary. It shows us the language that we won’t learn at school: slang, everyday speech, colloquialisms , the way people talk outside the framework of grammatical rules. I find it educational, but besides that it gives an opportunity to see how the book was written originally, without the translator’s interference.
I’ve read quite a few books in English, but one particularly drew my attention. “Pride and Prejudice” is a romantic novel of manners written by Jane Austen. It’s an example of light reading and it’s also considered to be one of the world’s famous classics. Published in 1813, since that time it has been made into numerous adaptations. The most popular ones are 1995 mini-series and a 2005 full-length movie.
As a story it’s witty and enjoyable. It doesn’t have an elaborate plot, but there’s magic which can take readers through time and space to the regency era in Great Britain. The plot takes places in the 19 th century and is focused on life and development of Miss Elizabeth Bennet and her sisters. The storyline begins with the arrival of Mr Bingley to Netherfield Park, where he soon holds a ball. He shows up with his sisters and Mr Darcy who is handsome and is said to earn a large sum of money. However, he turns out to be proud, ill-mannered and overall, most unpleasant. Mr Bingley takes a liking to Jane and they quickly start to grow their relationship. Soon, the Bennets learn about Mr Collins, a relative of the family, who is supposed to visit them. He is a pompous little man and he proposes to Elizabeth but she rejects him a few times. During that time Lizzy gets acquainted with one of the officers stationed in the shire. Mr Wickham tells her about his grudges against Mr Darcy, leaving her with growing contempt for his person.
The rest of the story talks about Elisabeth’s journey through life. The readers keep track of how she deals with her feelings and all obstacles that fate throws on her way. We learn about her relationships with her family, her friend Charlotte and, of course, Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy. The path to their happy ending is bumpy and full of disagreements. If you want to know more about Jane’s relationship with Mr Bingley, Lydia’s elopement and how Lizzy and Mr Darcy resolved their misunderstandings, I refer you to the book.
What I like about this novel is the fact that male characters do not have essential parts, the whole world revolves around women and it’s something that we don’t often see in literature. It’s common to see women only as an object of interest to men. For instance, they were shown that way during
romantism, which was evolving in Poland in the early 19 th century. In Jane Austen’s novels men are pushed to the middle-distance and we can read about female experiences in life.
In my opinion, it’s really inspiring to see a strong female lead who thinks on her own and is not dependent on anyone.I’d recommend this book to anyone who’d like to see the world from the perspective of a witty, intelligent woman living in the 19 th century. It gives insight into old customs, behaviour and mentality but at the same time it does not bore with precise descriptions. I believe it’s worth the time and adding the fact that it’s a classic it should definitely find a place on your to-read list.

written by Lena Kozłowska from class 2 G

edited by Ms Marta Leśniak

Joe Biden is on the point of taking over the Presidency of the United States of America. The 77-year-old politician was chosen by approximately 79 millions of U.S. citizens. Who is the forthcoming President and what we have already found out about his life?

The origins and childhood

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was born on 20th November 1942 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Joe’s family including his parents and three siblings moved to Delaware when the youngster commenced educating. Firstly, in the elementary school, afterwards, in the high school so as to be capable of graduating in history and political science at Delaware University as well as in law at Syracuse University of Law. Due to his father’s associate’s frauds he became a poor student and had to cope with plenty of obstacles. Furthermore, until his early twenties he had been dealt with stuttering, which he eradicated by declaiming poetry in front of a mirror. After he had graduated, he worked as an attorney.

First steps at the political stage

But for his wife’s support, whose husband he was since 1966, he wouldn’t have engaged in politics. His leadership helped him to enter the office of senator of Delaware in 1972, after an adventure in the county council of the New Castle lasting over two years. He became the fifth youngest declared senator in U.S. history after he had turned 29. He has been existing in political life for almost a half century and still remains in the Democratic Party. During such a tremendously long period of time he has made a huge number of significant decisions, gained in popularity, made a great deal of embarrassing blunders and led his party ceaselessly.

The cycle of nightmares

Sadly, on 18th november 1972, a couple of weeks after he had been elected as senator, the prospective and freshly minted young politician had to get to grips with a family disaster. His wife and three children had a terrible car crash. Regretfully, the love of Joe’s life Neilia Hunter passed away with their 13-month-old daughter Naomi. Beau and Robert, sons of Biden’s marriage, survived the accident.

After all, Joe was down in the dumps. He was about to leave his political career, but he remained commuting roughly 150 kilometers from Delaware to Washington so as to take care of his children. He was sworn to senator besides his son’s hospital bed. Joe Biden admitted that he had considered committing sucicide. He endured thanks to his sister Valerie’s support. In 1987 there were detected two aneurysms of the brain, which he thankfully defeated. What makes matters worse, Beau Biden, a highly respected and well-known attorney general as well as prospective politician leading a peaceful private life died in 2015, at the age of 46, owing to brain cancer. It triggered Joe’s resignation from beginning a presidential campaign in 2016. The other son, Hunter Biden, who is a commonly known lawyer is alleged to have bribed and received unearned money. Moreover, he experienced a divorce and was hooked on alcohol, even drugs.

A sigh of relief

In 1975, almost three years after his wife’s death, Joe’s brother set him up for a blind date with Jill Jacobs, who was a model and a senior at the University of Delaware in English department. They fell in love at sight and got married in 1977. Jill claimed that Joe often told people that she hadn’t agreed to marry him until the fifth time he had asked her, the truth was, she had loved him from the start. The marriage has one daughter Ashley, born in 1981.

Way to reach the summit

Joe Biden was incessantly a senator of Delaware for 36 years. He was a member of a huge number of commissions, for instance concerning international relationship and judiciary. For such a long history in the senate he had been making friends with some influential politicians from the opposing Republican party. That’s why few unsatisfied Republican’s enemies of Donald Trump openly endorsed him before the elections. He is famous for creating the groundbreaking bill entitled Violence Against Women Act to give a helping hand to casualties of sexual abuse in domestic environment. He was also a creator of the bill Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Law. Nevertheless, Joe was voting for authorizing the Iraq invasion in 2003, what he called a big mistake after years. Although he became a resolute supporter of women’s right as well as an opponent of sexual non-equality, he was accused of sexual harassment, but nothing was confirmed.

Biden took part in the demokratic presidential primary elections, firstly in 1988. Unfortunately, he resigned after confirming a plagiarism of the speech of an established English politician. He tried one more time in 2008, though his endeavours ended in failure due to Barack Obama’s triumph in primary elections. In spite of losing his enormous knowledge was appreciated by the future president. Obama offered him the vice president seat. Joe Biden launched the campaign as Barack Obama’s running mate and finally sat in the White House in 2009 beating John McCain. They were chosen again for a second term after winning with Mitt Romney, as a result Biden ran the country for eight years. Surprisingly, he was the first Roman Catholic vice president. What is worth adding Jill Biden was one of only two second ladies, who didn’t abandon their work after taking the office. Vice president visited Poland in 2009 and was about to start standing for the presidency in 2016 but he waived in the nick of time.

Struggle for the presidency

Joe Biden didn’t withdraw from political life. Some media speculated about his candidature but Biden was silent. Ultimately, he made a decision, as a consequence he distinctly defeated his opponents in the demokratic primary election from whose greatest rival was Bernie Sanders and was announced an official candidate of Democrats for the President in August 2020.

He accomplished an incredibly large endorsement in diverse environments involving the former Presidents, past opponents, some Republicans and celebrities. Biden selected much younger senator Kamala Harris as his running mate. Future vice president will be the first woman to fill such an office. She is also the first female black woman with Asian uproots in the Wihite House, what is an amazing breakthrough in U.S. politics.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Matt Baron/Shutterstock (10351651y) Joe Biden Second 2020 Democratic Party Presidential Debate, Day 2, Detroit, USA – 31 Jul 2019

They stubbornly fought with Donald Trump under the banner of Battle for the soul of the nation. Biden took part in a couple debates but he didn’t organise huge election rallies owing to the pandemic.

The future president wants to improve health care and pursue Obamacare. He declared investing in modern research and development. His view on industry is quite controversial because of willingness to close some branches of the oil industry and miners. Biden ensures the electorate to engage in the renewables and cut down on racial disagreements.

Biden won in the majority of swing states, so there is every indication that Joe will become the 46th president of the United States of America. He is the oldest declared president in U.S. history.

Behind the scenes

Ending the vice presidency he has founded a charity organisation Biden Cancer Initiative owing to his son’s disease, which activity is pointed at struggling with cancer. In 2007 Joe released a book Promises to keep; one life and politics. Furthermore, he is also awarded a great deal about orders and medals.

Joe Biden is infamous for his controversial and objectionable speeches. Instead of displaying them I would rather quote my favourite Biden’s phrase: “Leadership, at its core, in my view, is about being personal.”

We encourage you to watch this short film on youtube about Joe Biden!





News prepared by Kacpe Męcka from 3g, edited by Ms.Kossak

Donald Trump, an American businessman who won presidential election in 2016 and became the 45th President of the United States, was running for president again, for the third time in his career, on behalf of the Republican Party.

Let’s go back to the begging of his career. Trump was born in Queens, New York. He left school at the age of 13 and was enrolled in the New York Millitary Academy (NYMA)0, in Cornwall, Ney York where he finished eighth grade and high school.

After he had graduated from Faculty of Economics at Wharton School of Business he has taken over family business Elizabeth Trump & Son and changed its name to The Trump Organization. His career in its business dimension consisted of building, restoring and managing numerous residential and commercial real estates, hotels, golf courses and casinos. He’s been the owner of popular American contests such as Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA since 1996. In 2004 Donald Trump became the host of the TV program emitted on NBC channel, The Apprentice, that made him more widely recognized. In 2015, he was classified 72nd of the most influential people in the world and a year after that he took 324th place on ,,Forbes” list of richest people in the world.
Trump considered running in elections of 1988, 2004 and 2012, but he decided not to take part in them. In 2000, he applied for the presidency of the United States on behalf of the Party of Reform but retreated at the stage of Party Elections. He announced his candidacy in elections of 20016, a year before and got most, both general and the delegates, votes in Republican Party primaries and was officially nominated by this party for the presidency of the United States while Mike Pence was nominated as the candidate for vice president.

His last Party opponents suspended their campaigns in May 2016, whereby in July Donald Trump obtained official nomination from the Republican Party for the position of the USA President. His presidential campaign met with unprecedented international media attention which led to announcing him the person of the year 2016 by ,,Time” and nominating him for the Nobel Peace Prize.

His campaign called for renegotiating Chinese – American relations and free trade agreements such as NAFTA or trans-Pacific partnership. He also advocated tightening immigration law and significant tax cuts. He was critical of NATO, claiming this pact was disadvantageous for the USA. He also indicated the need for cooperation with Russia against Islamic State.

On 8 November 2016 Trump won presidential election, beating Democratic Party candidate, Hilary Clinton. He acceded on 20 January 2017 while being the oldest, richest president in the history of the United States and the first person on this position not having military past and experience or not taken other government position before.
His career is full of scandals from the very begging of his political career. Since 2017 special FBI prosecutor Robert Mueller started leading an investigation including studying Donald Trump’s potential ties to the Russians and their actions to influence the US elections.

In 2017 Trump delivered on his election promise and carried out the largest tax reform in 30 years, bringing a tax reduction of nearly $ 1.5 trillion. in 10 years. The ones that benefited most from it were the wealthy Americans.
Trump called for the construction of a Mexico- USA border wall. He claimed that, he would “build the wall and make Mexico pay for it”. In January 2017, Trump signed Executive Order which directed the U.S. government to begin its construction. Democratic president-elect Joe Biden has pledged to halt construction of the wall.

Up-to-date news…He has lost the campaign and will no longer be the president. Joe Biden is going to be the 46th President of the United States of America. According to Dail Mail his wife Melania whom he married in 2005 is “counting the minutes until divorce” when Donald leaves the White House after their “transactional marriage”. We will see…

News written by Zuzia Tatarczyk from 2f, edited by Ms M.Kossak











Presidential election in the United States is probably the most complicated voting system in the whole world. It proclaims that the length of the process, which can last over a year, and it often happens that the candidate who did not receive the highest number of votes wins. Note that counting votes is slightly different in each state, so in one state this may take one day, and in other even four.

Presidential elections are held in the United States every four years. The head of the country may hold this office for a maximum of two terms, i.e. eight years. Anecdote! Did you know that the year, that the president is elected, is divisible by 4? For example 2012, 2016 and 2020.

Then who can become a presidential candidate? Such a person must fulfill three conditions: The applicant must be born in the United States; He/She must be over 35 years of age; He/She also needs to have lived in the USA for at least 14 years.The first condition was used as a political ploy by Donald Trump. In 2011, he started the so-called “Birther controversy” undermined the fact that Barack Obama was born in the United States. He organized demonstrations, demanding that the president publish the so-called the long version of the birth certificate, which Obama eventually did in 2012.

Elections are not held directly. Voters in a given state, by voting for one of the two candidates, pass the vote for electors. The elections are therefore largely conducted by the US Electoral College, which meets on the first Monday after the second Wednesday of December. Individual members of the college are elected on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November by popular vote. An interesting fact is that each state has its own number of electoral votes. Their number is proportional to the population living in a given area. There are 538 of them in total.

This number corresponds to the sum of the representatives of the states in the House of Representatives and the Senate. To this must be added the three electors obtained by the District of Columbia. To win the election, a presidential candidate must obtain 50% of the electoral votes plus one, so 270 votes. The number of electors for a particular state corresponds to the number of congressmen who represent that state in the United States Congress. This means that the voting winner does not always win. A good example of the above situation could be the 2016 elections. Though more votes were cast for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump eventually became president.

Multi-stage election procedure
           A candidate is proposed by a political party, a group of voters or the person who is interested in this position. An election year that results in an election of a president has several stages:

  • party primary elections – pre-elections, the result of which may be non-binding in subsequent proper elections. They are used to examine the public opinion or select candidates who can run in proper elections later. The final decision on the nomination is made at national conventions, which are customarily held in the summer of the election year,
  • nomination by a candidate – the final decision on the nomination is made at national conventions, which are usually held in the summer of an election year. The Republican candidate needs 1,237 votes to be nominated, while the Democrat candidate needs 2,384 votes,
  • election campaign – political marketing specialists promote a given presidential candidate so that the voter votes for the promoted person,
  • general election – the day (first Tuesday in November) on which residents vote for their candidate,
  • elections by the Electoral College – electors are required to vote for the winning candidate in their state (except Nebraska and Main), in some states there is a requirement to vote as well as the population, but winning a candidate in a state does not mean that every elector must cast his vote for him,
  • swearing-in – one of the candidates officially becomes president.

This multi-stage approach is only one of the factors that determine the unique nature of the US electoral system.

Over the year, the US election has shown that a Republican always wins in a given state and a Democrat in the other, which is why it divides into:

  • red states – Republican
  • blue states – where the Democrat always wins
  • swinging states – are states that do not have their own permanent “favorite”, which means that the candidates must strive to support the most

It can therefore be concluded that the voting results largely depend on the swing states.

There are 2 short films from Youtube below to help all of you to understand this “phenomenon”. Watch carrefully and everything will seem clearer.

Article written by Roksana Ręczmin from 2f, edited by Ms M.Kossak





Currently, the 2020 Presidential elections are being held in the United States. American citizens, since I follow foreign policy, are a society very involved in the political life of the country. The United States has been living for several months with the upcoming Presidential election. Given the controversy surrounding Donald Trump’s presidency, the American public has deeply divided. Pre-imagination polls have proven to be very unreliable. The election results and the results of voting votes cast in individual states changed dramatically. The incoming results from different states reversed the outcome once in favor of Biden and once in favor of Trump. Donald Trump confident of his victory, as is customary in the United States, has already declared himself the President before the final result. Just before 02:30 on the election night of October 4, US President Donald Trump gave a speech in the largest hall of the White House, which will go down in the history of political demagogy. Announcing his victory, he demanded that the counting of votes be stopped, knowing that the later counted votes sent by mail were largely ahead of Joe Biden.  

Update before posting my work. (05.11.2020) 16.00  

The results are still incomplete in Georgia (around 95% of votes counted and Trump’s waning advantage), Arizona (86% of votes counted and a slight advantage of Biden), Pennsylvania (89% and Trump’s declining advantage) and Nevada (86% and a slight advantage of Biden). Alaska and North Carolina are also waiting to be decided.  The situation is very tense at the moment, because Biden is only 6 short of the threshold of 270 electoral votes. Trump has 214 of them so far ….

Update – November 6, 10.50

Joe Biden took the lead in Georgia – he now leads by 917 votes. The words of Trump’s advisers from tonight come true that only divine intervention can bring him victory. If Biden wins in Georgia, Arizona and Nevada, where he is leading now, he has 286 electoral votes and becomes president-elect. In Nevada and Arizona, about 10 percent votes are still missing. In Georgia, it’s close to the end of counting. With Georgia, Biden has 269 votes, exactly half. The presidency of the Democrats is getting closer.

news prepared by Aleksandra Mostowska class 3 B

edited by Ms Joanna Wołkowicka