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How is it going to be? What will the tasks be? Will I be stressed? Will I write everything? These are probably the most common questions that this year’s secondary school graduates ask themselves currently. As the Matura exam is right across the corner, students are in a lot of stress. However, is anxiety an inherent part of taking an exam?
For this year’s future graduates it has been the third year attending our school. Although it has not been as typical as it used to be in previous years of education. Due to the official changes in education system, the competition during recruitment was unprecedented. Subsequently, the results were announced and we were delighted to be accepted. Unfortunately, it has not been the only hindrance we encountered. Since taking the first step into secondary school, we have confronted significant insecurity. As the first year at secondary school was drawing to the end, the pandemic stood in the way, resulting in online education which emerged to be intricate and profoundly ineffective. In fact, back then our homes reshaped into schools for over a year.

However as the Matura exam knocks at the door we must confront its implications. It is unmistakably admitted that the predominance of students are decisively more fearful of this exam than feeling well-prepared. Numerous parents exaggerate the prominence of this exam, emphasizing it is the most sublime indicator, defining projected life and career path. Such an attitude not only puts adolescents under pressure, but also contributes to mental health deterioration. Furthermore, according to many students’ views, adults are responsible for enlightening that there is nothing wrong with teenagers taking some time to find one’s niche, the purpose to pursue.

Taking advantage of experience the previous generations gained, a peaceful approach is the key word there. Every exam is possible to be retaken, as well as a career path, which can always be altered. Sometimes it is essential to make ourselves aware of the spectrum of opportunities we possess to select from. Afterall, with a great dose of willingness combined with commitment, the possibilities are almost unlimited. What seems to be remarkably important as well is to follow one’s heart, consistently attempting to make the dreams come true in order to find a solace, presumably the key of life. As the Matura exam time is inevitably closing by, our thoughts are getting perpetually preoccupied with it. Due to several obstacles we faced throughout such incoherent three years of our secondary school education, many of us hesitantly consider different studies. Well, the best option is to try it out and not to be afraid of resigning in order to find the flawless one. We wish you all good luck for this or future year’s Matura exam, hoping to accomplish objectives you set.

news witten by our graduates from class 3 L – Agata Całus and Jacek Kała.

Recently our class and other schoolmates have been to the Univeristy of Sosnowiec to take part in a lecture entitled “Out of dust you arose”. Dr Andrzej Boczarowski was the lecturer. Thanks to him, we gained knowledge about the world around us. During 3 hours we learned a lot about the cosmos, stars,certain customs of other countries, elements, biology and even prehistoric dinosaurs. We’ve also heard a lot of information about the oceans and the evolution of stars and their eruption. The only downside was that the lights were off because we were watching the presentation, but we managed to make a lot of useful notes.
Everyone listened and was truly engaged. There was also an opportunity to ask questions. We recommend this series of lectures to everyone.

news prepared by Maja Deska, Julia Caban and Oliwier Erling from 1F, edited by Ms J. Wołkowicka

Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne at age 25 on February 6, 1952, upon the untimely death of her father – King George VI. She is the first British monarch to achieve 70 years of reign. 

“As we mark this anniversary, I am pleased to renew the pledge I made in 1947, that my life would be wholly devoted to your service,” she wrote in a hand-signed message published to mark the occasion and signed “your servant Elizabeth R.”

She has spent her anniversary in a quiet, private way, just as she did when she had taken the throne in 1952. 

Officially, there are four days of festivities to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee, scheduled for June 2 (the day of her coronation in 1953). People will celebrate throughout participating with a large concert with many stars, military parade and Big Jubilee Lunch.

Queen Elizabeth II is definitely a remarkable character.  She faced many crises and scandals, but she stays intact and for some people, almost saintly.  The most recent scandal is probably the one associated with accusations of sexual assault by her son – Andrew.  She is forced to live through it alone as she had lost her husband – Philip in April 2021. 

She certainly has gone on to be part of many other milestones, including welcoming a new millennium, meeting 13 American presidents, celebrating numerous Jubilees, watching her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren grow up, granting permission for their weddings (and seeing many of those marriages collapse), dealing with coronavirus and Brexit and other British political crises.

A few recent appearances before her official Platinum Jubilee where she was walking with a cane in her hand show her delicacy. “For worried Britons, it is another sign of her fragility and a wistful reminder that the second Elizabethan Age is coming to an end” – New York Times.

news written by Nina Ambroży from 3 G , edited by Ms J. Wołkowicka

photos: history.com ; euronews.com ; royal.uk

Some people have the ability to speak another language with great ease, although they do not have outstanding vocabulary. What we are afraid of is the fear of failure and being ridiculed or misunderstood. Then anxiety arises, which prevents our brain from thinking properly. How can you overcome this fear?

Tip 1

Try watching TV series or listening to the radio or podcasts. Not only will it improve your vocabulary but also understanding of the language.

Tip 2

It often happens that we are able to understand many difficult, rarely used words, but we cannot use them in a conversation. The easiest way is to repeat one word a day in any sentence to help you remember it.

Tip 3

The best way is to talk, but you don’t have to fall into deep water right away. You can start by chatting people in the Internet

(beware of strangers!), then you can start talking slowly on the phone, if we don’t see someone, we stress less. If you are a gamer, you can start using voice chat during the game which can also start a conversation.

Tip 4

To practice the language and overcome your fear, the best way is to go away and not have contact with your mother tongue, e.g. start working or going to school abroad. It is a compulsion to start talking, to get along with others and to provide basic needs.

Tip 5

Try to smile more while talking. When you start talking, don’t think that something will go wrong or that you may be using some inappropriate phrases. Smile and go on.

What if nothing helps you? Give yourself time. Take a break, relax, take a language break for a week. Be positive in mind and believe in yourself. GOOD LUCK!

Article written by Olga Dyner from dlass 2a, edited by Ms M.Kossak-Wąchała

          The American President Joe Biden met on 26th of March with our President Andrzej Duda in the Presidential Palace. Thereafter he had an appointment with refugees and there he was talking with the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Warsaw’s President Rafał Trzaskowski. At the end, Biden gave a speech, in which he related to John Paul II’s words and reminded Polish history. But what is the most important fact of that issue?

Italy said that it was the most important Biden’s speech in his career. Words: “Putin can’t stay in power” were found in three main Italian newspapers. Journalists from public TV noticed flags of Ukraine in many points in Warsaw as solidarity of Poland with Ukraine. Moreover, Ansa Agention pointed out the capital city of Poland as a symbol of the fight for freedom.

     Portuguese press highlighted that words of support and encouragement were told to the Polish ally  not randomly, because Americans located over 10 000 American soldiers in Poland, that is the most on the west of NATO. On the other hand, SIC Noticias television found Biden’s speech calming other countries. 

     In Moldavia Biden’s speech was believed to be the most important issue since the Russian invasion on Ukraine. They called that speech “historical”. Portal Timpul reminded that in 1939 Poland was in the same situation as Ukraine is now. At that time Poles were also escaping – through Romania to other countries. 

     German newspaper “Bild” picked up words of thanks for adopting refugees. They cited Biden: “We knew that Poland incurs liability.”

     From the Polish point of view, talking about Biden’s appointment, Andrzej Duda highlighted the importance of Poland not only in NATO, but also in the Atlantic Treaty. “We are in permanent consultation with every ally,” said President Duda. 

     All things considered, many countries have their own opinion, but today the Polish government rely on the positive effects of Biden’s visit and speech. Moreover, Poland is still looking forward to sanctions for Russia. However, world’s conflict is all the time accumulating and nobody now knows what  will happen.

news written by Wiktoria Dmochowska from 3 G, edited by Ms J. Wołkowicka

photo: wiadomosci.radiozet.pl