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Monthly Archives: October 2012

21st September 2012  – this date will definitely stay in our minds for a while. That day we, as the first year students of Kopernik High School, went on an integrating trip to “Jurajski Gród” in Piasek.

It started off with a little bit of sightseeing, I could say.  We were in an open-air museum of small replicas of the castles. Groups of people wandered around posing near animals, taking pictures and chatting.  A couple of the students got locked up in stocks…and some of them had problems with getting out of them.
Then after waiting in a very long queue we all sat by the tables that were set for us and ate while having conversation. Every class had to perform on a small stage in front of the rest. People sang, danced and laughed a lot. Most classes used very well-known songs in their shows…some of them disco polo style, which audience knew by their hearts.
I guess we can all agree that the “D class” with their Gangnam Style dance were magnificent!
They definitely got everyone’s attention, which was proved by the standing ovations they got-deservedly of course!
Let’s not forget about the “C class” and their bananas! Those performances were the ones that stole our hearts. Classes such as “G” or “H” had very unexpected endings. While doing their show other students gathered on the stage and danced with them. The most interesting part would be karaoke and I don’t mean those moments when student sang.
After every class had presented themselves, teachers took the mike and sang to their students with a little bit of help from their wards.
We were supposed to integrate and so we did!!!
A lot of new friendships have been made that day and hopefully they will last till the end of our journey through high school.

Have fun watching our photos!

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news prepared by Agata Kwiecień from 1f