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Monthly Archives: February 2022

On February 9th, from 9 am to 11:40 am, the online European Parliament school integration project known as Euroscola took place and our school was participating actively in it. We connected through a meeting platform with over 70 schools from all over the continent, as well as with science professionals and EP representatives. It was a truly unique chance to build international bonds and raise concerns about most current problems of the European Union – as well as to receive answers to many tormenting questions.

The project started with a short tribute to David Sassoli, the former EP president who passed away in January 2022. After paying respects and a quick introduction to the rules of the debate, the students were allowed to ask general questions about all the EU’s problems – both vocally and through the online platform sli.do. These inquiries were answered by EP member Fabianne Keller. It is crucial to mention that our school got recognised to ask about the EU’s plans regarding the issue of homelessness during the pandemic. The second part of the event was about more specific topics – a climate scientist, David Lowe, joined us from New Zealand to discuss the solutions to the problems of pollution, adapting an efficient circular economy in developing countries and combating global warming in general. Mr Lowe shared a lot of his important knowledge and explained possible problem-solving activities very well.

After the debate, most participants voted for their prefered solution to the climate change issue. It was a tight race and there were plenty of ideas, but a proposition to encourage citizens to buy more regional products and reduce the unecological industrial impact through it turned out to gain the first place. Following the voting procedure, the winner of the photography contest, which turned out to be a school from Lithuania, was announced. The event moved on to the closing ceremony.

All of the participants from our school feel truly grateful and honored to be able to experience such an interesting and sourceful debate and to get to know the view on crucial EU problems of our peers all over Europe. Euroscola is definitely a project worth recommending to anyone looking to improve their English skills, widen their opinions and gain more important and useful knowledge. 

News prepared by Dorota Liszewska from class 3 G, who personally asked a question during the debate.

Congratulations from Ms Katarzyna Kornecka-Nalewajka and Ms Joanna Wołkowicka to all students who got truly engaged in the event itself, preparations and discussion during the debate.

Anna Głębocka from class 3 b prepared and recorded a video of a question to be asked during the debate: “What does European Union do as an international community to establish global support towards achieving climate goals and how to take into account issues regarding the diversification of the development of each European country?”

Students’ recorded questions.

Karolina Kocop from class 2 b took a photo for the Instagram competition, entitled : “A man creates an illusion of a perfect world with no attention to what is happening nearby in real terms. Look around you!”

A picture for the competition.