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The Group “Under the Hanging Cat” is currently working on and performing  Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot”  and Shakespeare’s drama “Hamlet”. The actors from KopernikHigh School are really talented, as they have been awarded many times on different competitions so far. We would like to give you a general idea of both pieces of art the group is focusing on now:

“Waiting for Godot” in a nutshell

Waiting for Godot, published by Samuel Beckett in 1949, is a play in which two characters are waiting for someone who never comes. If you wanted to impress someone, you would say Waiting for Godot is an absurdist play that explores themes of existentialist philosophy. The sheer emptiness and randomness of the plot causes the audience (or reader) to wonder if anything is going to happen, and whether there is any meaning in anything in the play – or in life.

Cast  (The Group “Under the Hanging Cat”):

 Estragon: Grzegorz Małasiewicz

Vladimir: Michał Bajor

Scenography:Natalia Nowakowska

Operating personnel: Joanna  Śpiewak

Direction:  Beata Gendek-Barhoumi


 “Hamlet” in a nutshell  ( as it is a set book  much more students know its plot)

The play tells the story of Prince Hamlet. When the action begins, we discover that his dad has been murdered by his own brother and Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius.  And it gets worse: not too long after the murder, Claudius married Hamlet’s mom, Gertrude.

Hamlet’s got a big to-do list ,which is epic. For starters, there are the obvious things: hang out with Dad’s ghost, feign madness, dump girlfriend, accuse Mom of treachery, plot the convoluted details of your elaborate revenge. Then, of course, there’s the big item: kill Uncle/Stepdad/King.

Hamlet is such a complex character that playing him is the actor equivalent of going to the Olympics !!! Check out the super-famous roster of the best ones:

Sir Laurence Olivier, Ralph Fiennes , Sir Ian McKellen ( He also plays a great King Lear.) Kenneth Branagh (awesome, in my humble opinion…), Mel Gibson, Ethan Hawke or Jude Law (click on the underlined names to watch them “in action” )


Our “School Hamlets” – MICHAŁ BAJOR  and GRZEGORZ MAŁASIEWICZ, both from 3e, are also brilliant!


Full Cast  (The Group “Under the Hanging Cat”):

 Hamlet:Michał Bajor,Grzegorz Małasiewicz

Ophelia : Michalina  Nowak,  Sylwia Maj

Gertrude: Marta Gorzałka, Katarzyna  Michnicka

Operating personnel: Joanna  Śpiewak

Direction:  Beata Gendek-Barhoumi



Once again we want to compliment all the members of the group and Mrs Beata Gendek-Barhoumi on Your success!

And we also would like to invite you to Czestochowa Cultural Night ,  June 29 at the Center for the Promotion of Youth, where The Group will have the opportunity to play.

More information can be found by clicking on the link:


News prepared by Mrs M.Kossak, special thanks to Mrs Beata Gendek-Barhoumi and Jowita Jukubiak from 2e for giving us  photos and information.


The Group “Under the Hanging Cat” once again gave us a reason to be proud. June 6th, delegation went to the theater group of Bytom in Regional Competition III Final Short Form-Teatroida Theatre. Of course it brought the winning spot that won the show, “Memories die in peace” (based on the novel Hamlet).


Groups will have the opportunity to play at Czestochowa Cultural Night – June 29 at the Center for the Promotion of Youth.

More information can be found by clicking on the link:


or the official funpage:


 News prepared by Klaudia Małasiewicz from 1f

Children’s Day has been clebrated from 1925. Holiday was invented by World Federation of Democratic Women, who wanted to emphasize how important is to protect children of the war, hunger or pain.

When is the holiday celebrated in the world?

  • Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia and the Baltic States – June 1
  • France  – January 6 (as a family holiday)
  • Japan – May 5 (boys with fathers make paper toys), March 3 (girls make paper dolls and dress Japanese costumes)
  • Turkey – April 23 (also Independence Day)
  • November 20 ( Universal Children’s Day ,United Nations recommendation in 1954)

News prepared by Edyta Skubała , Damian Nowak (both from 2g)

Edited by Mrs. M.Kossak