We have the pleasure to inform you that the results of the EHF Competition  are great again!

THE PRIZE-WINNER / Laureate – AGATA KWIECIEŃ from 2f (English teacher – Marzena Kossak-Wąchała ) the 4th best concestant in the province, 8th place in the country (among second year students)

VERY GOOD RESULT – JULIA MIKOŚ  from 1a – (English teacher Magdalena Raganiewicz)- the 6th place in the province, (among first year students)

The best score in third classes was achieved by Adrianna Mazur from 3f (English teacher Joanna Wołkowicka)


Ranking English High Flier 2013 – http://jersz.pl/contest,7,tab_40.html

Congratulations and good luck next time!

News prepared by M.Kossak