On 15th November, the students of class 3a group 1, some representatives from 4k as well
as 4b participated in the meeting with Miss Oksana Jensen as a part of the project “Meet
. It allows adolescents to interact with an American diplomat from American Embassy or Consulate.
The event took place on Zoom as usual, so we were prepared and without any reversals
could join the class from our devices.

Oksana Jensen – The Consul of the US State Department introduced us, by presentation, to
some facts about her and her life in the USA. Due to the fact that she wasn’t a native
American, we could see the perspective of someone who was born in a different culture. She
raised an issue of the differences between foregin and civil service as well as making a living
out of being a diplomat. Discussing the last topic she also included personal qualities that
determine a competent consul. Despite a near deadline she managed to answer as many of
our questions as possible. Not only did the questions touch the profession itself but also
personal experiences connected with the land of opportunities.

From our list she chose the following questions:
● What was the biggest cultural shock when you came to America?- Kasia Gawron 3a
● Do you enjoy any typical American sport? – Kamil Będkowski 3a
● Where do Americans go on vacation most often? – Olga Dyner 3a
● What is it like going to high school in America (Is it like in the movies? Is it hard to
“survive”?) – Maja Bolesławska 3a
● If you had the chance to change one thing in the United States to make citizens’ lives
easier, what would that be? – Hela Kołaczyk 3a
● Do you think that international students find it hard to adapt in US universities? Is
teachers’ approach different towards them? – Julia Toborek 4b
● Do you feel like America is a diverse country? – Hania Fijałkowska 4k

After the meeting we welcomed the next guest which was Ms Janina Galas – the
representative of the consulate. She expanded the topic of her engaging post then featured
a few noteworthy projects that enable students to fulfill their dreams, see the true America
with their own eyes and overcome communication difficulties. These programs are: Flex,
Camp America and Summer Work Travel,
We’re all grateful to our teacher – Professor Marzena Kossak-Wąchała who intended the
whole meeting and gave us a chance to “Meet America” from the inside. We’re looking
forward to such amazing opportunities to expand our cultural knowledge and break
the language barrier.

Source: https://pl.usembassy.gov

Written by Katarzyna Gawron and Ola Janus from class 3a. Edited by Ms Marzena Kossak.