Many celebrities were seen during the Platinum Jubilee. Some of them were even taking a big part in the celebrations. An enormous number of 150 people named as national treasures were put in different decker buses and each bus was a representation of a certain decade of the last 70 years. The photo is showing Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell who were leading the 90’s bus.

During the Jubilee Pageant Queen Elizabeth II was not seen in person. However, a hologram of the Queen was put in a golden carriage. This part of the parade was accompanied by military units. While the Queen wasn’t present in the pageant, she showed up in a quick video from the palace. In the video, she was seen having tea with Paddington, a British bear famous thanks to the book and movie series with the same name. They were talking about their shared love for marmalade sandwiches.

The Queen was present at the Trooping the Colour parade but it was her grandson, the youngest child of Kate and William – Louis who stole the show. He was misbehaving, as a child on such occasions often does and there are quite a lot of photos where an audience can see him making silly faces and gestures.

James Bond also made an appearance at the Queen’s Jubilee. At the “Party at the Palace” taking place on Saturday, actor Daniel Craig was shown paying tribute to the Queen. The next day, during the Platinum Jubilee Pageant some of the cars from James Bond movies were displayed.

Member of the iconic band Queen, Brian May also had his share of Platinum Jubilee surprises. He entered the stage during the Jubilee concert with a big figure showing Queen Victoria by his side.

At the Platinum Party at the Palace spectators were surprised when 400 drones lit up the sky showing some of the things associated with Her Majesty. Some of the light work showed number 70, a cup of tea with a teakettle, and my personal favourite – a corgi.

news written by Maja Suchecka from 3B, edited by Ms J. Wołkowicka