Crossrail, or the Elizabeth line as it is now known, is a 118 kilometers long railway line in south-east England. It runs from Essex in the east to Berkshire in the west, cutting underground through central London.

On May 17, Queen Elizabeth II officially opened the new Elizabeth line, at Paddington Station in London. It was so unexpected for many, especially because the Queen was missing a part of events due her health problems.

For the oficial visit, she was joined by her youngest son, Prince Edward, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson. “We’re all incredibly touched and moved and grateful to her Majesty for coming to open the Elizabeth Line today,” Johnson said. “It was fantastic to see her.”

 The Queen was very all smiles when she met with the train workers. She was also given an Oyster card and shown how to use it on a ticket machine.

Buckingham Palace called that “a happy development”, revealing “the organisers were informed of the possibility she may attend.”

The Crossrail project had cost 18,8 billion pounds to put together and after a number of setbacks it is finally open after 4 years of delay! Mayor of London Sadig Khan said the line would deliver a £42 billion boost to the whole UK economy and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs. Many travel-weary commuters from the suburbs will find their journey times being slashed significantly as a result of the project.

Let’s watch a short but interesting film about it:



Written by Radek Musiał from class 1f, edited by M.Kossak