I’m so pleased to say that our class- 1f (group 2) had a second chance to attend the BBC Live Lesson. That one conducted by English, native speaker- Dan Shepherd was entitled: ,,A high cost of a University education’’.  There were also Belgians, Serbs, Peruvians and Russians. It was pretty noteworthy to read how university life looks different in some countries around the world. I have to mention that it was thought-provoking  to confront with other person opinion about students’ life. We were also able to take a vote in the short survey using Menti.com. A big number of us agreed that students have to go through very tough time during university. The most terrific part was talking with the man live! A lot of people in our group have found the courage to say something and test themselves in having a short conversation with a native speaker. It was a very practical experience for the future. I’m sure we have expanded vocabulary, understanding  the language, but the main thing, speaking English on a high level. the There’s no denying that it was remarkable, educational and unforgettable meeting. We look forward to the next lessons!

Written by Karolina Stemplewska from class 1f, edited by Ms.M.Kossak