Another BBC BIG LIVE LESSONS – international project took place!
Class 2a had a chance to actively take part in this event. We were glad that we had the opportunity to connect with native speaker once again. We managed to bring our mobile devices and entered the lesson on the ZOOM platform. Due to our good preparation, the lesson passed really efficiently and pleasingly. The lecture was attended by students from Poland as well as from Ukraine and Vietnam. We came across a very interesting and worthwhile topic, which was “Social media: Creativity vs Anxiety”. We are grateful that our knowledge was broadened on such an important matter these days. We exchanged information about our daily habits connected to the Internet and pointed out how the fact that we have access to our phones round-the-clock can help us germinate relishes and hobbies. We got many tips on how to use devices mindfully and had the chance to share some useful tips on how to reduce the amount of anxiety we experience on a daily basis. The Padlet app allowed us to participate through writing statements about social media issues. Prepared worksheets profited us with many useful phrases and the option to pour our thoughts on paper. We did many kinds of tasks ranging from listening to writing comprehension. As always, all the students tried to be active and open in expressing their opinions and answering questions.
Thanks to the support of the presenter we were able to share and receive our experiences with the regular use of modern technology.

Not only did the lecturer pass a huge amount of knowledge to us but also provided a lot of entertainment. The wide variety of tasks expanded our language skills and vocabulary. His kindness and consideration helped us to become more and more passionate about learning and overcoming language barriers.
We are extremely grateful for our English teacher – prof. Marzena Kossak-Wąchała who gave us the opportunity to benefit from such a brilliantly organized and educational initiative once again. We are looking forward to the next classes and hope to be a part of them.

News written by Katarzyna Gawron and Ola Janus from class 2a. Edited by Ms M.Kossak-Wąchała.