Some people have the ability to speak another language with great ease, although they do not have outstanding vocabulary. What we are afraid of is the fear of failure and being ridiculed or misunderstood. Then anxiety arises, which prevents our brain from thinking properly. How can you overcome this fear?

Tip 1

Try watching TV series or listening to the radio or podcasts. Not only will it improve your vocabulary but also understanding of the language.

Tip 2

It often happens that we are able to understand many difficult, rarely used words, but we cannot use them in a conversation. The easiest way is to repeat one word a day in any sentence to help you remember it.

Tip 3

The best way is to talk, but you don’t have to fall into deep water right away. You can start by chatting people in the Internet

(beware of strangers!), then you can start talking slowly on the phone, if we don’t see someone, we stress less. If you are a gamer, you can start using voice chat during the game which can also start a conversation.

Tip 4

To practice the language and overcome your fear, the best way is to go away and not have contact with your mother tongue, e.g. start working or going to school abroad. It is a compulsion to start talking, to get along with others and to provide basic needs.

Tip 5

Try to smile more while talking. When you start talking, don’t think that something will go wrong or that you may be using some inappropriate phrases. Smile and go on.

What if nothing helps you? Give yourself time. Take a break, relax, take a language break for a week. Be positive in mind and believe in yourself. GOOD LUCK!

Article written by Olga Dyner from dlass 2a, edited by Ms M.Kossak-Wąchała