The American President Joe Biden met on 26th of March with our President Andrzej Duda in the Presidential Palace. Thereafter he had an appointment with refugees and there he was talking with the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Warsaw’s President Rafał Trzaskowski. At the end, Biden gave a speech, in which he related to John Paul II’s words and reminded Polish history. But what is the most important fact of that issue?

Italy said that it was the most important Biden’s speech in his career. Words: “Putin can’t stay in power” were found in three main Italian newspapers. Journalists from public TV noticed flags of Ukraine in many points in Warsaw as solidarity of Poland with Ukraine. Moreover, Ansa Agention pointed out the capital city of Poland as a symbol of the fight for freedom.

     Portuguese press highlighted that words of support and encouragement were told to the Polish ally  not randomly, because Americans located over 10 000 American soldiers in Poland, that is the most on the west of NATO. On the other hand, SIC Noticias television found Biden’s speech calming other countries. 

     In Moldavia Biden’s speech was believed to be the most important issue since the Russian invasion on Ukraine. They called that speech “historical”. Portal Timpul reminded that in 1939 Poland was in the same situation as Ukraine is now. At that time Poles were also escaping – through Romania to other countries. 

     German newspaper “Bild” picked up words of thanks for adopting refugees. They cited Biden: “We knew that Poland incurs liability.”

     From the Polish point of view, talking about Biden’s appointment, Andrzej Duda highlighted the importance of Poland not only in NATO, but also in the Atlantic Treaty. “We are in permanent consultation with every ally,” said President Duda. 

     All things considered, many countries have their own opinion, but today the Polish government rely on the positive effects of Biden’s visit and speech. Moreover, Poland is still looking forward to sanctions for Russia. However, world’s conflict is all the time accumulating and nobody now knows what  will happen.

news written by Wiktoria Dmochowska from 3 G, edited by Ms J. Wołkowicka