The students of class 2a ( Group 1) participated in an international lesson of the BBC
Live Classes. Unfortunately, due to the current epidemiological situation, it wasn’t possible
for us to meet at the school to take part in the project together. But we managed, thanks to
the excellent communication and the help of Professor Marzena Kossak-Wąchała, who gave
us useful tips.
It was the fifth lesson of this project where students from our school could expand their
English skills and integrate with people from other countries. This initiative brings together a
community of students and teachers from around the world who are passionate about
learning, expanding their abilities and overcoming language barriers.To our surprise, the
lesson wasn’t attended only by students from Poland. We had the opportunity to hear people
from Mongolia, Slovakia as well as Russia.
The theme of this intriguing lesson was “Street Art and Graffiti”. Not only did it win the hearts of all
art lovers but the rest of us as well. In addition to completing the worksheets on the subject of teaching, we gained the knowledge about many useful phrases that will help us to express our opinion in the future.
We did many kinds of tasks, from listening to reading comprehension. We learned the
difference between graffiti and street art and also listened to the opinions of other
participants. A very interesting element of the class was the division into groups where we
were able to find out about the famous artist, whose works we can see during the tour of
Bristol. The discussed artist was Banksy, whose world-famous works we admired in this
While using the Padlet website, we could express our opinion on the asked question. Many
of our classmates chose the option of recording themselves, which did not escape the
attention of the anchor, who esteemed our speeches.
The presenter, despite the huge response, tried to catch, appreciate and comment on each
statement. Thanks to the commitment of the lecturer, all participants were very active in
expressing their opinions and answering questions. However, the coach usually showed the
answers of the students from our school, which was both surprising and rewarding.
Finally, Michael Brand thanked us for our active participation in the lesson. Then, he offered
to take part in an additional project, which was to make a video about the breathtaking
murals in our area. Our classmate – Patrycja Stodółkiewicz decided to overcome the
challenge. She did a great project that met with approval and praise from the presenter.
We are glad that we had the opportunity to benefit from such a brilliantly organized and
educational initiative. We are looking forward to the next classes and hope to be part of

You can watch Patrycja’s presentation on Pearson & BBC L ive Classes:

News prepared by Katarzyna Gawron and Ola Janus from 2a, edited by Ms M.Kossak