A few days ago students from classes 3F and 3B had the pleasure to take part in a very unique project callled “Meet America” which is the effect of cooperation between US Ambasy and American Centre Cracow. The students had a chance to talk with US Consul – Mrs. Dolores Prin. Mrs Janina Galas was representing American Corner Cracow and she was the one to open the meeting which took place on the Zoom plarform. Pupils could listen to a brief introduction from the lecturer. Mrs. Prin told about her way to the place where she is now. She also proved on her example that anyone could become a diplomat. The whole story was inspiring, but amusing too. After that part Mrs. Dolores moved to answering inquiries. The whole group had the opportunity to ask our guest at least one question. Students learned a lot about life in America , including stereotypes, culture, climate, education as well as similarities and differences between Americans and Poles. Mrs Consul described willingly her work as a diplomat and many other topics. Mrs. Prin was open on taking on any subject and we can honestly say she established some kind of relationship with students. When it was time to end the meeting, everyone said goodbye and left satisfied and with a dose of new knowledge. It was definitely a good experience for all the students from our high school. Everyone will remember this meeting for a long time.

News written by Ewa Ziętek from 3f, edited by Ms Marzena Kossak-Wąchała.