In Britain, Christmas Eve begins at noon. Lunch consists of roast turkey and pudding. On Christmas Eve, English children hang their Christmas stockings outside the door to find gifts the next morning.
In Spain, the Christmas Eve supper begins after Midnight Mass. Then everyone goes out to the streets lit by thousands of colored light bulbs, singing Christmas carols, dancing and having fun until morning. The main course is baked fish and “Epiphany cake”, in which small gifts are baked.
In France, holidays are spent with the family. The French give each other handmade Christmas cards and buy gifts. In France, unlike in Poland, there is no Christmas Eve. The French attend mass, and on December 25 they sit down to dinner together. On this day, you eat turkey stuffed with chestnuts and drink lots of champagne.
In Greece, the day before Christmas, you can meet carolers walking around the houses. You can find “Christopsomo” on almost every table. It is a round loaf decorated with a cross at the top, around which people put dough symbols representing everything that signifies durability. If the revelers come from the island and are fishermen, you will see bread with fish on their table. Christmas trees are not widely used in Greece and gifts are given on January 1st.
In Denmark, the Christmas Eve dish is sweet rice with cinnamon and roasted goose with apples. A traditional dish is a rice pudding in which the hostess hides an almond. Whoever finds it gets marzipan mump, which ensures happiness all year round.

news prepared by Dominika Kasprzyk from 1 F, edited by Ms J. Wołkowicka

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