On Saturday, November 6, our group went for a trip to Wisła. During the trip we saw Adam Małysz’s hill and a lot of interesting places. Our challenge was climbing route: Kubalonka Pass – Mraźnica – Kiczory – SKKT Stożek hostel – Wisła Jurzyków. When we arrived at our destination, we had to go by bus up to 550 meters above sea level, then we had to climb. For two hours we could watch beautiful views and the mountains. The weather was very sunny so could observe nature. Later on, we got to Stożek hostel. There we could eat and drink something warm. When everybody took some rest, we could make our way back to coach, that was another hour walking. We sang, talked, took pictures of the views, got to know a few people from a different class who had been with us on the trip. The trip lasted until 8 pm. Fresh air and mountain climate ensured our relax. We recommend everyone to travel, because you can spend an active day. During this trip we had possibilities to spent very nice and interesting time.

The last trip this year was on the 27th of November to Salmopolska Pass– Kotarz – Karkoszczonka Pass– Szczyrk Biła. As always we departed at 7.30 a.m. On the spot we went along snowy trails, there were beautiful, winter views. We were throwing snowballs at each other and we were delighted with winter atmosphere. When we came to the hostel, unfortunately it was closed, but we stayed in good moods. Home-made sandwiches and hot tea were all we needed. Later we continued our walking. Quite fast we arrived at Szczyrk Biła and we came back home by our bus. It was a very different trip because of the snow but it was great fun.

We would like to thank all our companions for the time spent together and are looking forward to seeing everyone back on trail in the following season!

news prepared by Julia Caban and Maja Deska from 1 F, edited by Ms J. Wołkowicka

photos by Dominika Kasprzyk, Oliwier Erling from 1 F, Cezary Kołodziejczyk from 3 J, Ms Roma Ociepa, Ms Joanna Wołkowicka