The event took place on September 17, 2021 in Kamyk. An integration trip was organized with all the first grades of our school. As a result of the fact that there were a lot of us, we traveled by separate buses. When our class arrived, we were waiting impatiently for the arrival of the next first classes. While we were waiting for them, I said to my friend Ola that we would start dancing various dances so that we would not be cold, because the weather at that time was moderate. People from all classes joined us while we were dancing. We danced, among others “Belgian girl”, “kaczuszki” and “chocolate” During the last dance, the rest of the classes d, e and f arrived. When it turned out that everyone was there, presentations of the classes began. It was such a contest. Our class danced a dance and we read a poem. Other classes also danced, read, sang and even played the flute. It was amazing. After presenting all the classes, there was a “disco”. We all danced, we got to know each other in the meantime and it was great. Later it was time for dinner. There were chickens, potatoes and salad. There were also sweets such as cakes or cookies. We were also offered lemonade or compote. Waiting for the verdict of which class performed the best, we continued to dance and had a good time. When it was time to decide on the competition, each class gathered at the stage and listened to the verdict. It turned out that our class was the winner of this competition. We were very happy. After the evaluation, we continued the dance, unfortunately it was the last minutes of our stay in Kamyk. At the end we all gathered and danced the last “Belgian girl”. It was an amazing day!

news prepared by Sandra Harabas from class 1 A, edited by Ms J. Wołkowicka

photos by Natalia Koźbiak and Zuzanna Tatarczyk