Each country has its own traditional and unique clothing. China has a long story and through 3000 years people created many traditions and national costumes. In China there are 4 well-known outfits as Chinese people wear traditional clothes for special occasions like wedding, national days or birthdays.

1. Hanfu

The name “Hanfu” comes from people who belong to the Han ethnicity. It comes from a legend about Huangdi’s spouse – Leizu who made silk clothing. The clothing was constantly improved over the next generations. At first it was worn by the Hanfu dynasty and ruling class and later became a national costume. For many years it was improved, various accessories were added, such as jewellery, which showed Chinese culture. Over the years, many great and formal Hanfu styles have developed.

2. . Qipao (Cheongsam)

Cheongsam comes from the Manchu women’s chongpao (which is long gown) of the Qing Dynasty.  The Manchu people were also called the Qi people, so their long gown was named qipao (Qi gown).

Cheongsam is a classic dress for Chinese people which combines elegance and tradition. It’s designed to show female form, beauty, but it’s also an illusion of long legs. There are many rules how to wear properly Qipao.

3. Tang Suit

The tang suit is often a type of Chinese jacket rather than a clothing. The name comes from overseas Chinese. The Tang Empires was famous for being powerful so foreigners called them The Tang people and they clothes were called “Tang suits”. Nowadays, more and more young people like to take traditional marriage in China. Many young couple choose to get married in the Tang Suit.

4. Zhongshan Suit or Mao Suit

It’s a male clothing named after dr Sun Zhongshan (Sun Yat-sen) after founding the Republic of China in 1912. After the chairman Mao Zedong was seen wearing this outfit, it was named “Mao Suit”. After Sun Yat-sen’s death there’s the theory that the suit has patriotic meaning.







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Written by Olga Dyner from class 2a, edited by M.Kossak.