After wedding in 2018, leaving the royal family in 2020, Duchess of Sussex Megan and her husband Harry not only are re-arranging their lives in Santa Barbara, but also are making crucial decisions such as an honest interview with Oprah Winfrey.

During the conversation they decided to speak out loud about their history.

Megan was one of the long-awaited guests in the show, but as we learn, she did not get permission from the royal family to take part in it. Hence, when asked what has changed the most in her life after Megxit, she admitted that having the right to choose again and decide whether to say yes or no. The Duchess confessed that she was silenced in many matters, she had to hand over her driving license, documents, even meetings with friends could only take place with the consent of the “Company”, because that was what she called the Royal Family. One of the most surprising things, revealed by the couple, was the fact that one family member was concerned about the skin color of their unborn baby Archie.

Moreover, the public after the birth of the child announced that the parents did not want their son to be called a prince. As we learn from the interview, it was the other way around In addition, Megan was afraid for her son, because he was not supposed to get the security that every family member has. These events and the general atmosphere in the palace made the Duchess feel miserable, lonely and unaccepted. When asked by Oprah, she said that she had suicidal thoughts due to the problems at the time. Harry also had some unpleasant situations while at Buckingham Palace. His relationship with William got worse and his father, after their official retirement from the royal family, stopped answering phone calls.

Despite the fact that the couple did not want to reveal too many details, out of respect for their relatives, they assured that Queen Elizabeth never made them feel sorry and no unpleasant words fell from her lips. In the royal family it is not like in a fairy tale. Megan might have expected life there to be easy and perfect and did not realize how many sacrifices awaited her. Although, the royal family expressed their sympathy for the couple saying that they were sorry to hear that they had to go through so many difficult times.

The truth is always somewhere in the middle, so I don’t want to judge anyone. If Megan and Harry are over the moon now, all you have to do is to be happy for them.


News prepered by Aleksandra Sufin from 3g, edited by Ms M.Kossak