Is Today Mother’s Day?

Chocolates bought out, piles of gifts, crowded florists, and a family dinner smell all over the house. Even forgetful knows, it’s May 26-Mother’s Day, but where does this tradition come from? Is this day the same all over the world?

The United Kingdom (Fourth Sunday in Lent)

England was the first country in the world to dedicate a day for mothers. The origins of the holiday dates back to 17th century, when children and domestic servants, were often sent to work in other villages. It was important for them to visit the “mother” house or church once a year during Lent. Mothering Sunday, because that was the name of the day, it was a time of special gratitude to mothers, during which long-awaited family gatherings took place.

The United States (Second Sunday in May)

In the United States, the idea of Mother’s Day was born in 1870, in the head of the writer Julia Ward Howe. However, the holiday gained its popularity majorly due to Anna M. Jarvis. She managed to reach the highest authorities including: Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft, for support of her idea. Anna also convinced her church in West Virginia to celebrate Mother’s Day on the second anniversary of her mother’s death- on the second Sunday of May. Thanks to her efforts President Woodrow Wilson designated Mother’s Day as a national holiday in 1914.


Thailand (August 12-the birthday of Queen Sirikit)

Mother’s Day is celebrated the most in Thailand. The preparations take several weeks. This has to do with celebrating Queen Sirikit. The houses are decorated with flowers, images of the queen, lights and flags. On this day, people go to the procession to the Grand Palace, where flowers are laid. In the evening, a national candle-lighting ceremony takes place. What’s more, children, to express their love and gratitude, offer jasmine flowers to their mother. In return, she gives them a blessing.

Mexico (May 10)

 One of the most beautiful customs of Mother’s Day in the world takes place in Mexico. In the morning, children stand under the window of their mothers’ bedroom and sing to them a beautiful serenade.  In addition to flowers, Mexicans give their mothers gifts that are so expensive that they sometimes have to collect money for them even several months earlier.

Australia (Second Sunday in May)

 In this country, the tradition of pinning carnation flower to clothes is popular. Colorful ones mean that the person’s mother is alive and white ones mean that she is gone. Every child on this special day pampers their mother by preparing her breakfast in bed, gifts and cakes.

Serbia (March 8)

Mother’s Day celebrations in Serbia are completely different from the standard. In the morning, the children quietly enter the parents’ room and bind their mother. She is released only when she promises to give them sweets!

Italy (Second Sunday of May)

In Italy, this day has become the most popular day for family dinners in restaurants. However, the most important moment falls on dessert: Mothers traditionally have coffee and a heart-shaped cheesecake, or muffins in the same form.

Regardless of country and tradition this holiday reminds us of the importance of our mothers and that every mother deserves a million hugs for her unconditional love.



News prepered by Aleksanrda Sufin from 2g.

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