World-wide crises caused by cornavirus pandemic afffects all areas of world’s economy. Due to peoples’ safety all mass events in most of the countries were called of. Lack of concerts, sport’s games means also a lack of money. For example, some musicians have no money right now because they are dependent on live performances. A lot of football players had to lower their wages. I want to show how pandemic impacts widely unsterstood entertainment branch but I am going to concentrate on football.

Every football club earns a lot of money during a match-day. Fans buy tickets to see the match, they can also buy some snacks and drinks on stadiums.  The match is also transmitted so the club makes money from TV rights. Moreover, every club has its own sponsors who pay money for putting their logo onto a football kit. It is a tremendous business. For instance, in English Premiere League -the best paid league in the entire world -due to TV rights each club earns beetween 104-167 milions euro for whole season which makes around over 10 milion pro game.

Now, when matches are not played and leagues are suspended all football clubs lose a lot of money. That is why many clubs are forced to fire employees and decrease players’ wages which is obviously not an easy task because footballers earn tons of money, especially when we compare their earnings to standard work’s earning. Football club board of directors wants to lower their money but they are not interested in that because they do not want to earn less that currently.

If players and clubs do not find the compromise, a lot of clubs will go belly up. Although it is only the beginning of crisis the spectrum of fall is hanging over a lot of clubs from all over the world. There is possibility that many clubs with a long history will not be able to start a new season.

No one knows when football leagues will be reopened but I believe that football games are first to be resumed because players may play their games without live audience at stadium which makes no sense when we are talking about concerts for example. The game would be transmitted and every football club wants to restart earning on its games as soon as possible.

News prepared by Wiktor Machoń from class 3d, edited by Mrs M.Kossak