A lot of young students even if they aren’t in third class yet, already are worried about matura exam so much. I can’t lie that this exam is not necessary, but I feel like everybody around is making students so scared that they will take it more seriously but it’s not always the best option.

So in form of objection I will show you few tips to change your approach towards exams to make them less serious or stressful and much easier.

Prof. Beilock research

He came up with an idea that if you are able to realize what truly the stress is or just throw it from your mind before the exam you will become more calm and focused. He took 1200 American students, and divided them to four groups. First group had to write about their emotions before the exam, the second one received a text which explains your stressful feelings as feelings that prepare your mind and body to something important, and had to summarize it, the third one got two simillar tasks, the fourth one got task which one was not connected with feelings of stress.

Guess what, the group which write the exam the worst was group fourth. So before exam just put your bad stressful emotions away writing about them, or accept them to motivate yourself and feel more confident.

Breath out the stress

If you want to keep yourself calm, you must control your breathing process. Breathe in and out quite long and slowly that will oxidize your whole organism, and synhronize heart beating. To do it properly you should use your midriff. To concentrate more on it you can close your eyes and imagine some places where you feel safe and relaxed, listening to relaxing music can help as well as it just helps you free your mind. Songs without lyrics work the best because you don’t have to focus on the meaning of the song.

Stress equals energy

That’s is true, have you ever questioned yourself why your hands are shaking so much when you are in stress? This is because of energy collecting on your muscles. So this is a simple equation if you get rid of that energy you will get rid of stress as well. So the best way to do so is sport and physical activities that you personally enjoy. It can be anything: running, jumping, boxing or dancing.

I know it’s hard to do it right before the exam but if you have an idea how to do it go for it, this method will help you, for sure. But one important thing don’t overwork yourself because you will be exhausted during the exam, and your result will be worse.

Avoid toxic environment

If you are staying with persons that are panicking, just run away as far as you can from them.They can have a very strong impact on your frame of mind, just leave them and find people that are more optimistic. Jokes, stupid gossips, lose chatting – this is what you need before exam. Don’t worry it wont make you stupid, you will just feel a lot more relaxed and confident.

And the last advice, if I can call it like that, don’t  thinking too much about stuff you didn’t manage to learn. That will make you panic very easily. I know it’s easy to say and hard to do, but have yourself a go and try to focus on the things that you have already learned and what you are good at. This will make you feel better and a lot more confident, if you get task that you don’t know how to solve just move on, to the next one. You’ll get back to it later when you end other tasks.

We still are not sure about the time we are going to take those exams. However, I hope some of my advice will help you in your battle with stress.



Article written by Mikołaj  Matuszczyk, class 3d. Edited by Mrs M.Kossak


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