Due to coronavirus pandemic,  classes have “moved” to our students’ homes. But luckily they are being very creative in those hard times! Read some catchy stories by Basia and Justyna from class 2b! Enjoy!


…‘Doctor Strange is invited to the operating room’ I heard from the speakers.
In one minute I was ready. Well not really. There was something I forgot and couldn’t go anywhere without it. My ring. Or how I called it – magic ring. It wasn’t really magical but to me it was. I have never done any surgery before without it. I always feel incomplete without this ring. After all I have had it since I can remember.
I looked at the desk, and froze. The ring wasn’t there. I looked to the cupboard near the doctor’s bed. It wasn’t there either. I was really confused. I had no idea, where else it could be than in my office. I couldn’t even remember when I had taken it off.
‘Doctor Strange is asked to appear in the operating room’ I heard again from the speakers. I hadn’t got much time to find my ring.
For some people my fear could be ridiculous. But I was terrified. I did all of my surgeries with this ring. I call it magical because I believe that I’m more confident and calm in the operation room only because of that ring. Without it I’m just a terrified human inside. And for sure, not capable of carrying out the complicated surgery that awaited me.
Then one thing helped me figure out something. I remembered that one of the nurses had told me that she had been in my office in the morning. Maybe she took this ring, saw it or something like that. I didn’t want to accuse anyone but I was desperate in that moment.
‘Doctor Strange is invited to the operating room’ voice from the speakers showed again but I ignored it and ran out of my office.
Luckily or not I found that nurse right behind the corner of the corridor.
‘Mrs Mahoney, were you in my office this morning?’ I asked. I was full of hope that she really knew where my ring is.
‘Yes,I left you documentary about one of your patient Doctor Strange. Just like you asked me to do yesterday . This is it about this guy with weird sickness – coronavirus or something like that.’ She said. ‘Did you find it?’
‘Yes, but it’s not what I wanted to asked you about’ This patient could wait, his illness wasn’t heavy. It’s not the second plague after all. Right now the most important to me was my ring and the surgery of course. ‘I have lost my ring. Maybe you know something about it?’
‘No doctor, I didn’t see it’ She said ‘Wait, did you think, that I could steal something from you?’ Her eyes become full of anger just in the matter of seconds. ‘How dare you!’ She turned and walked away.
I stayed alone on the corridor. I was really scared and I didn’t know what to do. Then someone grabbed my arm and turned me around. It was my director. He seemed really angry.
‘Stephanie why are you not on your surgery now?’ He almost yelled.
‘I can’t do this’ I tried to defend myself
‘Yes, you can and you have to do this right now. Everyone is waiting for you. You are coming with me’
I wasn’t just scared. I was terrified. I couldn’t do anything. I felt like a robot who must follow his creator. I couldn’t even stop. And I still hadn’t got my ring! It was all like in a really bad dream
The man in front of me opened a huge door. I felt terrible. I closed my eyes so as not to see other people in the room.

And then I woke up. I was in my bedroom. Not in hospital. I wasn’t a doctor, just a student and my name wasn’t Stephanie Strange but Basia Wesołek. I took a deep breath.
‘God, I have really weird dreams’ I thought. I was glad that I was in my room like never before. And that my only task was to write an essay for English class, not treating someone.

by Basia W.


’Daddy please hurry up! We’re already late! ’Said little Mikey standing in the hall.
” Yes ​​… yes I’m ready. We can go now ’the man finished eating his sandwich and he put on a jacket. That was Mikey’s dad – Cillian ’Have you packed your lunch?’ He asked, grabbing his briefcase.
’Yes dad’ Mikey replied in a bored voice ’Please hurry up, I made an appointment with Tommy at the school gate’
‘Go and wait for me in the car’ said Cillian, putting on his shoes ‘Ciril, stay here’ he said to the big Labrador who was watching him ‘Good boy’ Cillian smiled and corrected his tie.
He thought that he had everything and he was ready to leave the house, but …
‘Mikey? Have you seen my phone? ’
‘No. Have you lost it? ’
’No way. I called your mom before breakfast. You didn’t touch it, did you? ’
’No, I have no idea where it can be. Can you go to work without it? ’
’Of course not, Mikey. I need to do some important calls ’Cillian scratched his hair nervously’ Please, help me find it ’
“But Tommy …”
’Tommy will wait for you. Come on, together we will find it faster ‘
Cillian and Mikey began searching. They searched in the kitchen, living room, bathroom and hall. There was no trace of the phone.
‘Dad!’ Mikey whispered loudly from the living room.
‘Have you found it?’
‘No, but I hear it ringing somewhere’
They both tried to make out where the sound came from. They came to the hall where the phone was ringing and Ciril was in it.
“It’s ringing under Ciril” noted Mikey “Hey, Ciril! Move away! ’
Ciril moved away, but the sound moved with him. Mikey and Cillian both looked at each other surprised.
‘Ciril? Have you eaten dad’s phone? ”Asked Mikey laughing. The dog barked like he would say ‘yes’ and waved his tail.
’But how is it possible? ’Cillian came closer to the dog. The ring sound ended.
’You have a cookie-shaped phone case. Maybe he thought it was one of his snacks? ’
’I have to take him to the vet and get it out of him. Go to the car, boys ’Mikey and Ciril went to the car when Cillian locked the door.
’Can I go with you, dad? Please! I won’t leave Ciril alone ‘asked Mikey sadly.
’No way. I will drive you to school ’said Cillian, sitting onthe  driver’s seat and fastening the seat belts.
’But I’m already late …’
‘No discussion!’ He said sternly, sharply depressing the accelerator and driving out into the street.
They made their way in silence. When they arrived at Mikey’s school, Cillian phoned his boss from a phone booth and apologized that he wuold’t appear in work today because of the ‘small accident’. The boss was forgiving. Cillian left the phone booth and went back to the car. Ciril was sitting on passenger’s seat and sadly looked at him. Cillian went into the car and petted the dog’s ear.
” I know you didn’t meant to eat my phone. I forgive you. Let’s get it out of you ’
He started the engine and headed for the veterinary clinic. They got there in a few minutes. There was no queue, so the vet quickly took them in and took care of the patient. He said that the procedure may take a while.
’That’s okay. I will wait in the waiting room ’
The door closed behind the vet and Cillian was alone. He was walking nervously around the room, waiting for the end of the procedure. A long time passed and the door was still closed. From behind them were the terrifying sounds of drills. Cillian swallowed hard. He began to fear greatly for his pet.
Finally the door opened. Cillian approached them quickly. The vet came up to him, taking the mask off his mouth. He smiled pulling something from behind.
’I think it’s yours’ he showed him a plastic bag with Cillian’s phone inside.
’Thank you’ he took a package from him ’How’s Ciril doing?’
’He’s sleeping now. I can help you to get him to your car. He will wake up when you get home ’
As the vet said, Ciril woke up when Cillian parked his car in front of the house. The dog smiled to him and waved his tail.
‘Are you okay, buddy?’ He asked amused and helped Ciril get home. When they were inside, Ciril got his favorite snack and a big hug.
When Mikey and his mom came home in the afternoon, Cillian told them about today. In the end they all laughed and thanked that everything ended happily…

by Justyna W.