,,If I could go back it would never be the same”

This story is filled with emotions, because it is my life. I don’t know where to start. Well.. The dreams about my own brand and business come from the past, from my childhood. Those things are one of few memories which I have. Years were passing, but the dream survived the rebel period. I can’t say it was empty years, but I am grateful to have them, because of them I am just where I want to be. Being ruthless had taught me a lesson, a lesson of seeing our world differently with my eyes, a lesson how to rescue myself from the evil lusts and rise from the ground up to the top. That big dream helped me, I built my nature from scratches. I tried to plan, organise. Trying to have my dream not only in my head anymore, but also in front of my eyes is now in my hands. Finally after so many years the Big Day has appeared on a horizon. I was so happy like never before. It changed me immediately, what is more I felt that deep in my heart. This feeling showed me that the new era of my life has begun and I still couldn’t believe that. I was so positively shocked that all other stuff which was always around me started to lose value. Now when my dream came true I pray to God for guidance not to get lost during my path to glory and peace. The name “Artisan” came out of nowhere it just appeared somewhere in my sight. All I had to do is go grab it. This word is not like any other word. It describes a person who, with the help of tools and manual skills of bare hands, creates something from nothing , a beautiful miracle. I want to be that person, I want to join the legacy of people who wanted to make something then leave it on Earth after their deaths and be proud of it. I am a religious person, I believe in heaven, I believe in St Peter’s gate, which protects good from bad. And when I cross it I want to hear Peter himself ,, good work kid you deserve to be here”. The sentence ,,The Life Changing Group” it’s not a joke, it can really change your life. It already changed mine to something better. And I will share the goods with others . This is my freshly-baked motto ,,Big efforts for Big dreams”!

The article written by Jakub Lipnicki from 3 A – the author of Artisan – The Life Changing Group

photos by Agata Kapuścińska and Mateusz Gzel from 3 G