On the thirteenth day of September, on Friday, all freshmen together with some teachers went on an integration trip. It took  place outdoors in Folwark in Kamyk. Buses with participants left Częstochowa at 9.00 and after half an hour they were already there. After a short preparation, the presentations of each class began. When everybody got to know each other, a nice woman from Kamyk was preparing something to eat for the participants. When everything was done, teenagers were dancing, because after their little show it was time for a party. But when they heard that they could eat sausages and bread and drink juices, they stopped and at once started rushing to the place where the food was served. They were eating and talking when their teachers told them it was time to come back. Everybody had fun and for sure they won’t forget this amazing day.

news prepared by Karolina Kluba from 1 G

edited by Ms Joanna Wołkowicka

photo by Mateusz Gzel from 3 G