One of our school’s traditions is the integration rally dedicated to the first grade students, which always takes place at the beginning of September. This year it couldn’t be different, so on 11th September, punctually at 7.45 am freshmen gathered at the bus stop on Focha Street, from where we went by bus to Piasek, a small village near Częstochowa.

At first, the ambiance wasn’t really cool and relaxed, but thanks to our older friends from 3rd grade, the party started up and atmosphere became chilled-out.

Then, it was the time for group introductions. The shows were truly varied, starting with authorial songs, through roleplays, ending with dance choreographies. Each class’s performance was great and exceptional. Every single show was judged by the jury, but the indisputable winner was class 1g.

Afterwards, there was the time for sweet repast (there were delicious cakes and grilled sausages), and of course for dances.

Everybody was feeling the party spirit and having fun, but all good things must come to an end, so about we went back to Częstochowa regretting, that this event lasted for a short while.

We are hoping, that pretty soon we’ll have the opportunity to spend time together, having so much fun like it was that day.

News prepared by Dagmara Cichoń from 1b, edited by Ms M.Kossak.  Photos by Agata Kapuścińska from 2 g.