The New York Fashion Week takes place twice a year. The collection for next year’s autumn is presented in winter, and the spring collection is shown in autumn. Fashion Week in New York opens the world fashion series Weeks. The next ones take place in London, Paris and Milan.

The first Fashion Week took place in New York in 1943. Paris could not organize fashion shows due to the war. Then it was decided to organize a series of shows and join them in a weekly industry event held in New York.

Things you must have in autumn!!!

This year,in September, around 163 brands appeared in the American metropolis! There were both internationally renowned designers and young startup companies. During the current Fashion Week, designers presented the collections of the spring-summer, we found out what awaits us in the near future.  Autumn-winter season 2018/2019 in terms of trends is really avant-garde.

Designers are trying to convince us to clothes and accessories, which would be considered ridiculous not so long ago. Spots, neon green, python skirts, blouses with big logos and cowboy boots are on top again. Cowboy boots are one of the trendiest shoes for the autumn of 2018. Social media such as instagram have certainly contributed to their popularity.

It’s a must-have for 2018, for which you do not have to spend money. All you need is old scarves. It’s important to tie your hair with it, just like girls on instagram, for example Jessica Mercedes.

Designers made leather (natural or eco) the trendiest material of the season in autumn 2018. Fashionable are both leather ramones, coat, jacket and suit.  It used to be kitsch, now it’s a hit.

Logotypes are on top again, and wearing handbags / caps / t-shirts / jackets / blouses with a large visible logo is no longer fashionable. This trend is promoted by fashion houses such as Gucci and Dior.

What does await us in the spring and summer?

Many designers have so many different perspectives on spring and summer trends. I encourage you to see their collection. One of them is the new Tom Ford collection. This time the designer presented a very coherent collection in shades of black, lilac violet, brown, beige. It was a real mix of romantic drapes! Models and audience were delighted with fitted jackets and jackets made of embossed leather, lace tops and sensual skirts. Tom Ford explained: “I feel that fashion has somehow got lost and it is easy to get carried away by trends that have lost contact with what women and men want to wear. Looking at the harshness of the world, the more palatable palette of colors seemed to be the better this season. ”

Personally, I agree with the designer’s words. Nowadays fashion is mixed up. On all sides we are surrounded by so many trends that we do not know what we like. In fashion, the point is not to stand out and wear different clothes. That is why, it is so important to have your own taste. We should be inspired by events such as Fashion Week and create our own unique styles that describe us.


News prepared by Weronika Piotrowska from class II D.



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