March 17 was a special day for our Group Under the Hanging Cat. It was the 20th edition of Shakespeare’s Festival in Lublin. This contest is a kind of tradition for GUHC’s members and every year they do their best to achieve as much as possible.

Actors and actresses from our drama society performed two spectacles: “The Gravediggers” and “Temptation. Temptations”. The first one was based on “Hamlet”. It showed the famous scene from the fifth act. However, the gravediggers were kids and the cemetery was turned into a sandpit. The allegoric character of the performance was impressive and stuck in audience’s mind. The second spectacle entitled “Temptation. Temptations.” was dominated by women. They were disguised as witches. Their emotions were the reflection of emotions in Macbeths’s head. Besides our Group, there were drama societies from all over Poland. The competition was tough, but our representatives moved on to higher things of their skills and cloud the others.

Not only did GUHC win the Grand Prix, but also Piotr Woldan was given an honourable award. The main prize in the contest is a trip to London and tickets for plays in The Globe Theatre. This year it is Julia Krysiak who is going to England. Congratulations to Beata Gendek – Barhoumi, who prepared scripts and our players.

news prepared by Sebastian Bożek from 3 b and from the Group Under the Hanging Cat . Photos by Nikodem Buszko from class 1 g