We have an honour to introduce the works of one of our students (he wants to remain anonymous). He writes poetry and in our opinion he’s really good! From now on we will be presenting his poems, two of which are the ones below. Enjoy reading and wait for the next ones…

Another Goodnights for Souls


Living to forget

Forgetting to sleep

Sleeping to perish

Perishing to wake

Wakening to live


I have seen it all throughout the years

Rivers cried, saline seas, oceans’ fears

Hearts foundering within roaring tears


It is not a shame, My Dear

Nor an aimless path, so peer

Inside this world, swamping woe and jeer

You are not the only one here


Whether You see, think, falls dusk purebred

I am close, whispering words You read

Adoring presence for which I long

Gazing from afar, Your soul is strong

Let Yourself entangle in my winds

Subside together, set free what spins

We will tuck You, appease darkling streams…

Now come, please, embrace innermost dreams


I wish You goodnights

I wish for each Soul; for You –

Fly, seek waterfalling dew

I wish You goodnights

Succumb to creek, pulling away

I wish You goodnights

Nothing to fear in Your sleep


You are somebody’s blanket of stars


I wish You another goodnights

I wish for each Soul another goodnights

I wish You another goodnights

I wish You another goodnights

I wish You another goodnights

I wish You another goodnights…


Only Linden Knows My Face


Observe me getting lost

Into your steamy waters…


Raptures hide where eyes shan’t peek

Sheets dictate ways dress leak

I fringe each pounding sphere

Our breaths fuse, effloresce blear

Caramel river shed down

Through legs, whelms vestal town

This ginger scent besots

Abashes napping sweet spots

Candlelights flicker with lust

Envious that you’re mine gust

Lashes budge like butterfly

Sweep me in, delicate sigh

I can’t hold back, loose my name

And my fireplace will enflame

Our little sin perdures

In velvet desire immures

I’ll treasure it forever

Make every endeavour

Now I still can’t fall asleep

As you keep on returning

Now I guess, such a lame thing

As you doze where worms breed deep