Dare to be honest and fear no labor.”

– Robert Burns


On the 25th January it’s an anniversary of Robert Burns’ birthday. Burns was a Scottich poet, who wrote his works in both English and Scottish language. He was born and raised in Alloway. During his life he achieved fame and was often invited to aristocratic houses. Not only is Robert Burns regarded as a great national poet of Scotland, but also he is said to be pioneer of Romantic movement. His life and work have had a big influence on Scottish literature and culture.

To celebrate birthday of their great poet, Scots gather together for traditional super with haggis (national dish), whisky and dancing, and singing with traditional Scottich bagpipe music. Besides that, there are also public recitations of Burns’ poems and giving toast next to the poet’s statues.

Many Scots on 25th January are wearing traditional kilts.


                    Traditional haggis and whisky


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News prepared by Kacper Górak from IIIB