Partying… there’s nothing more amusing! And when it comes to partying with all our schoolmates then it’s even more exciting! Although we may have many occasions to do so, the one that happened on 12th January is the one and only. The ball I mean is of course the prom. Prom, that is one of the most wonderful moments in all our lives.

Despite lasting all the night the prom was like a blink of an eye for us. But let’s start from the beginning. One of the most beautiful Polish traditions is to perform our national dance called Polonez. As you could guess, it was the first thing for us to do during the prom (well, how amazingly it looked you could have seen on Monday, January 15). After having some tasty dinner the band leader shouted “ let us begin the party!!!”. We needn’t have been told it twice. Since then the dancefloor was never empty. However dances was not the only attraction we had. Photo booth, ballroom dance performance, show connecting all types of music, our own- made movies and (that’s rather personal remark 🙂 ) the fountain of chocolate were the things that made our stay in Hala Polonia even more fabulous!

However as we know all good things must come to an end. When our watches showed 5 A.M. we had to put on our coats and go home. The best prom ever was over. But is that true at all? Well, not really. That’s because it will always survive in our heads and hearts…

news prepared by Konrad Strach from 3 b