Frozen Lake Michigan, Chicago

Winter has threatened the U.S. citizens. Strong snowstorms are becoming more and more dangerous for the public. Due to the weather conditions many roads have become impassable. The frost in America hasn’t been so sharp for 100 years. On 7th January exceptionally low teperature was perceptible especially on East Coast and on northern-east part of the country. In Boston the temperature has reached -19 °C and in some places of the East Coast even -40°C. Florida has also experienced winter thanks to the first (since 1989) snow fall. Furthermore, major American cities have announced state of emergency. In New York, for instance, winter is causing delays on airports and traffic jams in the streets. Many people even died because of the low temperature. Fortunately, warmer weather will come to the USA this week. But Americans need to prepare, because winter hasn’t been over yet.

Snowstorm in New York

Freezing water on the streets of Boston

Source: Reuters

News prepared by Kacper Górak from 3b.