For the BBC Radio 4, Prince Harry interviewed former president  of the USA Barack Obama on December 27, 2017. They discussed about politics and social media’s effect on culture, especially when it comes to cyberbullying and “fake news”.
Though, the interview wasn’t all politics. Prince Harry ended up the meeting with rapid-fire series of casual pop-culture questions.

Here are some of them (B. Obama’s responses in bold):
Michael Jordan or LeBron James?
Rachel or Monica (“Friends” series)?
Chris Rock or The Rock? (both answers)
“Titanic” or ” The Bodyguard”?
Boxers or Briefs ( no answer)
Cigarettes or gum?
Aretha Franklin or Tina Turner?
“Suits” or “The Good Wife” (“Żona idealna”)?

The question about “Suits” series was related to Prince Harry’s fiancee Meghan Markle, who starred in it for 7 seasons.

The full interview can be found here :


News prepared by Matylda Kalinowska from 3b.