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Since the schoolyear started our school football team has been competing with other high schools from Częstochowa. It wasn’t easy, but after winning 7 matches they got to the big final which took place on October 10th. We were playing with Bieganski high school. Both teams were really well-prepared for this match but only one could win.
The day was cold and foggy, not good for a game, and after around 20 minutes of the match, it started raining… But even the rain couldn’t stop our team. They scored two goals, the first one gained Krzysztof Glin, and the second one, after only a few minutes, Bartosz Lis. But then a while after that our team lost 2 goals. Fortunately, nobody gave up. Few minutes before the end, Kajetan Sikora scored the third, and the last goal for Kopernik high school. And that was the end. We won the big finale with Bieganski high school with the score of 3:2. Our team became the champion second time in a row. Neither freezing could nor the rain could stop our footbalers. We hope to see them winning in the next, regional gameplays.

news and photos by Nikodem Buszko from 1 G, edited by Ms Joanna Wołkowicka