On the occasion of European Day of Languages on 26 September the City Hall in Częstochowa invited high school students to take part in a debate of professional translators, under the heading “Znajomy język obcy” (”Familiar foreign language”). Our students had a chance to see what being a translator of languages such as English, Italian, Spanish, German or Chinese is all about. Also they got to know many types of translation. The students that graduate from school this year could ask anything about the profession of a translator.

The debate allowed us to discuss important aspects of the translator’s work: advantages and disadvantages of the profession, personal features that translators need to have, and the importance of the need to broaden our knowledge, so the translation is clear and understandable.

The debating translators talked about the obstacles they had to overcome to be professionals, and also told students some funny stories that they had experienced.

The students left the City Hall being encouraged to do their best to become  professional translators  🙂

Here’s a short news report in local media about this event http://tvntl.pl/2017/09/29/kurier/europejski-dzien-jezykow-czestochowie

news prepared by Klaudia Capiga and Natalia Mróz from class 3 b edited by Ms Joanna Wołkowicka