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Last Tuesday in our school we had an open day. Many students from junior high schools had an opportunity to learn about our school from the inside. We hadn’t even thought that there would be so many people. Our open day was a big success.

Everything started at 9 A.M. That time our guests started to fill our school. It was almost impossible to get bored. That’s because there were many attractions like dance shows or rollerblade and fitness performances. What’s more our theatre group “Grupa pod Wiszącym Kotem” (The group below the hanging cat) prepared a play that delighted everyone. We could also admire our sports teams. But there is a reason for everything and these attractions took place just because we wanted to show the visitors how many things they could do being in our school.

However open day is open day. There were 8 stands where our classes presented their profiles as well as they could. Everything that was prepared looked magnificent. As the science classes showed us many experiments, the humanistic classes could talk about the things they’re interested in for hours and hours basing only on a map. However the most often heard words were “ Our school is THE BEST in our region and so is our class” Indeed, I can’t deny that standpoint.

Honestly I’m a bit sad that day passed so quickly. But we shouldn’t brood over the past. We should go forward. And what’s there? Another open day!!!

news prepared by Konrad Strach from 2 B, edited by Ms Joanna Wołkowicka