We would like to introduce Our Team – all students who contribute to our COPERNICUSNEWS.

It’s been 15 years! since it all started… In 2002 a group of five ambitious students (Ania Maria Szałas, Ania Kołodzińska, Rafał Paradowski , Jarek Wójcik and Marcin Otwinowski ) with their teacher Mrs Marzena Kossak-Wąchała created a website which still works today. Of course the form has changed, as well as the students, it’s natural. But there is something that is always actual – numerous ideas, passion, imagination, sense of humor, cooperation and willingness to DO something MORE! I would like to give special thanks to one former student  – Rafał Kazik ( graduated in 2014)- who is “responsible” for its today’s look (WordPress).

Today the Team is from class 2b: Matylda Kalinowska, Olga Baranowska, Damian Adamowski, Kacper Górak, Sebastian Bożek, Konrad Strach, Natalia Mróz, Martyna Sławińska, Klaudia Capiga, Beniamin Piłat. We can always count on other students from that class who give some suggestions for Saying/Quotation of the Month and  Mrs Joanna Wołkowicka, who joined the Team in 2015. We all  hope You enjoy reading our articles and news. Not only are they interesting to read but it is also a good way to improve Your language skills.

If You are not our student but You consider choosing our High School, remember You can join US too!

This is OUR TEAM!

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News written by Mrs Marzena Kossak-Wąchała