Our students are competing in a “Day by Day” contest organised by a language school Glossa. We are represented by Olga Baranowska, Sebastian Bożek and Konrad Strach, all three from class 2b. We have to excel from over 200 diaries( as the competition was about writing a “ page from a diary”), however we’ve got big chances to move to the second stage because our works meet different, but common  problems of our lives.

One of them is home violence. In her diary Ola presents shallowly a perfect NYC family. In fact, the longer her heroine works as a nanny there, the more worrying situations she can see. However the solution is not as easy as it seems. Will she be able to find the golden mean between not being snoopy and solving the problem?

Sebastian in his text wants to show how the death of a close person can bring us a kind of trauma. Although his heroine will get an opportunity to “live forever” with her lost father it is not said she’ll use it. Will she want to never split up with him? Or maybe she’ll discover that there’s no use dwelling on the past?

Sometimes we don’t know what’s in other’s head. We can discover that simple uncalm dream may be just a thin end of the wedge. Konrad in his diary presents how dramatical end may bring lack of success in our lives, but also that there’s someone that we can depend on. His hero will simply discover that there’s always a reason to keep on…

We hope these short extracts will make you read our diaries. We guarantee you won’t get bored while reading! We also want to request for your help as our works need votes that will enable them to compete in the second stage. But you can give us just 2 votes! Please do it after short brainstorm which two works deserve votes more!!!

The only thing you have to do is to register at www.glossa.pl/daybyday/liceum and support us there!!!   Thanks in advance!

news prepared by Konrad Strach from 2B , edited by Ms J. Wołkowicka