LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Stephen Curry – all of these names belong to the best basketball players Ii NBA. On 19 February 2017, they played one of the most prestigious basketball games. It is named „All-Star Game”. During this game the most popular basketball players compete for supporters fun.

A similar event took place in our school on 23 February 2017. Basketball school team played a game against graduates. Players from both teams decided to organise this match. The most difficult task was gaining the members for the graduates team. Luckily we did it with the support of our student, Krzysztof Mysłek from class III D. The first minutes of the match were very nervous and both teams couldn’t find themselves on the basketball court. Five minutes before the end of the first quarter the result was 6:4 for students team. However they found their cores and they won the first quarter 21:13. The second quarter was very lucky for students.  The scoreboard showed the result – 42:25 !

In the halftime we could enjoy a stunning attraction both for the fans and the players. A young dunker from a village near Częstochowa performed a great show. He did incredible dunks leaping over spectators taken from their seats or over four players. Reverse dunks or windmill dunks were very spectacular and seemed a piece of cake! He looked as if he was flying above the rim.

In the second half the graduates were in the lead. The best scorers in this team were Karol Kuliś and traded Krzysztof Mysłek (both 19 points). The last minutes were on tie. Thanks to a couple of rookies the school team won scoring 71 points. Maciej Walas (24 points) and Jakub Olejnik (20 points – MVP of the game) played fantastic fourth quarter. The match ended with the result of 71:64.

Team Students: E. Tomzik, M. Adamski, J. Olejnik, B. Piłat, T. Błażejowski, M. Jaworski, K. Śledź, M. Walas

Team Graduates: S. Dana, K. Mysłek (traded from Students Team), K. Podolańczyk, K. Kuliś, M. Barczyk, M. Łyczba, K. Barczyk


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news prepared by Beniamin Piłat from 2 B , photos by Marcin Nita from 3 D

edited by Ms J. Wołkowicka